Bildu remains the only option of the Basque Government to agree budget

EH Bildu remains the only option for the Basque Government of PNV and PSE-EE, which does not have an absolute majority, to take forward the budgets for 2019.

The government partners need the support of one of the three opposition groups to get the majority, support that in the previous two years was provided by the PP and that now discards that negotiation by maintaining the PNV its agreement with EH Bildu on the bases for the reform of the Basque self-government, besides having supported the motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy.

Elkarrekin Podemos has announced today, through his parliamentary spokesman, Lander Martínez, who considers the negotiation with the Basque Government "exhausted" after yesterday's meeting with the Minister of Finance, Pedro Azpiazu.

In a press conference held in Bilbao, Martinez explained that yesterday the Basque Government rejected 14 of the 15 measures proposed by Elkarrekin Podemos to agree budgets and "showed that they have no interest in agreeing with us."

Before Elkarrekin We can announce the end of negotiations, the PNV spokesman, Joseba Egibar, had already said in a debate on Radio Euskadi that "the only real possibility of trying an agreement is with EH Bildu", which offers two abstentions for approve the budget.

All the parties agree that the negotiation of the accounts will be between the Government and the nationalist coalition and the PP parliamentarian Laura Garrido has indicated that this pact in the accounts would not be "strange" after the agreement of the PNV and EH Bildu in the bases for the new Statute and its "approach to the demands of self-determination" of the nationalist coalition.

EH Bildu parliamentarian Iker Casanova has acknowledged that there was a "small approach" at yesterday's meeting although there is still a "huge gap" between the Basque Government's offer of 48 million euros and EH Bildu's demand of 420 million for pensions and employment.


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