Bildu cares more about the union of the Spanish left than Euskadi

Bildu cares more about the union of the Spanish left than Euskadi

The head of the list of the PNV to Congress by Bizkaia, Aitor Esteban, has criticized the "double face" of EH Bildu for which "everything is marketing" and has accused the coalition to care more "the union of the Spanish left to bring things for Euskadi ".

Esteban has participated in an event in Santurtzi to present the candidacies of the PNV to the Congress and the Senate for Bizkaia, in which the candidate for the Senate, Nerea Ahedo, and the president of the PNV of Bizkaia, Itxaso Atutxa, also took part.

In his speech, Esteban has criticized EH Bildu because "he repeated with a vengeance that we sold our votes for a plate of lentils", while on Wednesday, in Congress, "they gave their votes to Sánchez for free", so that he could take forward his decrees. .

"They fill their mouths with which their vote was going to be decisive and they do not use that supposed influence because everything is pure and hard marketing," said the PNV candidate, who has denounced the "double face" and the "double personality" from EH Bildu "which Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

Esteban has assured that "they have become Dr. EH and Mister Bildu" because in Madrid he approves "'gratis et amore' the social decrees to the PSOE", and in Euskadi "they vote year after year against social measures to which the decrees of Sanchez do not even reach the soles of the shoes. "


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