April 16, 2021

Bilbao will reopen in municipal apartments affected by serious cases of 'bullying' | Society

Bilbao will reopen in municipal apartments affected by serious cases of 'bullying' | Society

The life of a young woman has taken a complete turn since the City Council of Bilbao agreed to grant him a municipal house that has allowed him to escape the "bestial" harassment he had been suffering in the institute and in his neighborhood. "It was a very hard two years, and his physical and mental health was at serious risk because of bullying", says his lawyer, Beatriz Ilardia, only a change of social environment, her rehousing in another area of ​​Bilbao, could free her from the insults, scorn, mockery … that she was suffering and caused a galloping depressive disorder. from that "toxic" environment, he has recovered his smile and his enthusiasm to focus on the career of Pharmacy, as a result of this case, the Consistory of the Biscayan capital modifies municipal regulations on Monday to allow people affected by physical or psychological harassment They can also access public housing.

The young woman, now of legal age, settled when she was 16 years old in Bilbao with her parents of Moroccan origin and her three brothers, all younger than her. He came in 2016 from Madrid, his hometown, where he was applied in the studios. But his academic record began to blur in his new destiny. "A bullying bleeding, first in school and then in the neighborhood, she was even about to have a fatal outcome. "She does not want to talk about the ordeal she has suffered, she does it in her name, the lawyer who has assisted her. 2017 being in the office shift: "I thought it was very serious what was happening. I had a whole course suffering harassment. I needed help urgently, "explains Ilardia.

The classmates were angry with the young Madrid. They insulted him, they told him she was ugly and fat, they humiliated him with xenophobic comments: "We do not want people like you" or "go to your fucking country". Two teachers gave the alarm and activated the social assistance protocol. The psychosocial reports, says the lawyer, warned of an "extreme" case of bullying that had already spread to the neighborhood and was affecting other members of his family. The situation came to cause problems in the health of the girl, who as a child had to be operated on the heart for a congenital condition. "It was a very vulnerable minor, without roots in the neighborhood, we had to find a solution, all the specialists consulted agreed that we had to move the family to another place, outside that circle of incomprehension," says Ilardia, Councilor of EH Bildu in Galdakao (Bizkaia) and head of list to the General Councils of this province in the next elections in May.

The family began to look for a flat in another point of Bilbao and got to leave temporarily to Morocco to see if the situation improved. "Rent an apartment in the free market was impossible, they came to demand a monthly payroll of 1,800 euros," says the lawyer. The parents were unemployed, but they had not stopped paying the monthly rent for the apartment in which they lived. The Department of Social Action Consistory lent his help to find them another accommodation. Given this barrier, only the option of a relocation in one of the municipal dwellings reserved for cases of social exclusion was free. But this route also presented difficulties, since the municipal regulations do not contemplate the granting of public housing for a case of school bullying. Ilardia decided to bring the case to the attention of the opposition group EH Bildu and threatened the social and housing services of the City Council of Bilbao with "going out to the media with the complaint". "It is not the solution that should be applied to a case of bullying like this, "says the lawyer," but we had to find an emergency solution. It's sad that he has to leave his environment, but there was no other option than to leave there. "

Finally, the management of the social services of Bilbao "moved the file" and came up with a formula to relocate the whole family to a new residence. The area of ​​Municipal Housing decided to put a public floor at the disposal of an NGO dedicated to the fight against social exclusion so that this family could escape from the hell they were living. "It was a patch, but at least it was able to end the suffering," says Ilardia. That happened in June 2018, after two years of harassment. "She is now phenomenal and the rest of the family is also a new person," she adds.

The City Council of Bilbao has taken action on the matter with a legal reform that will allow a social floor to be granted in the future. people affected by physical and psychological violence They need a change of address. "A report from the social services should be sufficient to give an answer to these assumptions," says the lawyer. The governing council of Municipal Housing will approve today, with the support of all political groups, the change in the municipal regulation: "It is about being more diligent and effective in cases of bullying, mistreatment of women … ", says a spokesperson for the Housing area.


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