March 1, 2021

Big Brother Vip 7, these are the confirmed contestants – La Provincia

The first contestant ofBig Brother VIP 7for its next edition that will begin in a few weeks.This was announced by the program itself last week when in their social networks communicated that it would save methe program where the name of this character would be announced, the first to say yes I want toGH Vip 7.

The name is none other than that ofMila Ximenez.The journalist has not been present today in the Telecinco desktop program as she is traveling saying goodbye to her family before enteringGuadalix de la Sierra.The journalist already sounded for a few weeks as a new contestant ofBig Brother VIP 7and many took it for granted. The collaborator ofSave mehe takes the witness of his companions who had already visited the house in previous editions and goes on to comment on the debates to be one of the protagonists of live life.

The name ofMila Ximenezhe is not the only one who had already jumped into the arena and even less since the chain ofMediasettake time promoting, both in the advertising breaks of Telecinco and in the social networks of the channel, to those who can enterGH Vip 7.From a bullshit to a gentleman, an astrologer or a former Big Brother contestant. In the next few days, the start of the contestants will start picking up speed since the program has less and less time to start.

Dozens of names have already come out and here we have revealed a small list of where many of the chosen ones will come from.In that list we find names such as Anabel Pantoja, Kiko Jiménez, Ángela Ponce or Falete.We have also advanced the first two names of those who have said no to enterBig Brother Vip 7,Two women of arms take that do not want to be seen, at least for the moment, between 4 walls.

We have also advanced the idea that the followers of the Telecinco contest have not liked anything and that has put a few on a war footing. LThe chain will charge for being able to follow the Direct 24 hours and from this year it will be necessary to get an app called MiTele from which to follow everything that happens inside the house of Big Brother Vip 7.Never before have the followers of a contest had to pay to see more content, but we are facing a new way to follow Big Brother Vip.


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