Biden wants to "listen" to the activist who accuses him of an inappropriate kiss

The former vice president of the USA Joe Biden, who sounds like a Democratic candidate for the 2020 election, said today he wants to "listen" to Lucy Flores, a Nevada state activist and ex-legislator who says that in 2014 he kissed her without consent in the back of his head .

"For many years doing political campaigns and in public life, I have given innumerable handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and consolation, and not once - I never believed - that I acted inappropriately. I will listen with respect, but it was never my intention, "Biden said in a statement.

Biden did not apologize, argued that he remembers what happened in another way, but promised to "pay attention" to what Flores has to say about what happened in 2014.

"I may not remember these moments in the same way and I may be surprised what I can hear, but an important moment has come when women can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. I will do, "said Biden, vice president between 2009 and 2017.

Biden responded to the accusation that Flores made on Friday in an essay published in New York Magazine.

In that article, Flores explains that she was 35 years old when in 2014 she met Biden, who was then the vice president of the United States. and had offered to help the Democratic candidates of the state of Nevada, including her who was running for office in the Interior.

Before going on stage to speak to voters, Flores says she felt "two hands" on her shoulders, felt frozen and thought: "What is the US vice president doing touching me?"

Flores claims that Biden came a little closer from behind, smelled her hair and then kissed her on the back of the head.

"He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss in the back of my head, my brain could not process what was happening, I felt embarrassed, I was surprised, I was confused," says Flores, of Hispanic origin and Nevada state legislator in 2011. and 2015.

Since the news came to light, the Biden team has assured that neither the former vice president nor her team remember what Flores has described and defend that, at no time, she showed any sign of being uncomfortable during the campaign event.

The act was also attended by Latina actress Eva Longoria, co-founder of the Latino Victory Project, an organization that helps Hispanic candidates stand for election.

In a statement Saturday night, Henry R. Munoz III, the other founder of Latino Victory Project, said Biden and Flores were never alone during the event and argued that, after reviewing photographs and interviewing those present, he has concluded that there is no evidence to affirm that the incident occurred.

Biden, famous for his casual and friendly style, has been criticized on some occasions for behaving in a way that could make other people uncomfortable, for example by getting too close to some women, kissing them on the cheek or whispering in their ears.

One of the best-known incidents occurred in February 2015, when Biden began to massage Stephanie Carter, the wife of the then Secretary of Defense, at the White House during a ceremony.


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