July 14, 2020

Biden is left unanswered when defending Obama's deportations

The former US vice president Joe Biden was left unanswered on Thursday when defending the three million deportations of migrants that took place under the Barack Obama administration (2009-2017), nicknamed "Chief Athlete" by Hispanic activists.

In the third presidential debate of the Democratic primary to the White House for 2020, the well-known journalist of the Univisión chain Jorge Ramos, of Mexican origin, asked the vice president a hard question: "Did you make a mistake with those three million deportations? "

Biden tried to avoid that dilemma and said that Obama did the best he could; but Ramos, known for his incisive style, was not satisfied with that response and insisted: "What do you think? Did you make a mistake?"

"I was the US vice president," tried to ditch Biden.

Immediately, another of the aspiring Democrats, former Hispanic Housing Minister Julián Castro, reproached Biden for trying to evade responsibilities and accused him of trying to make a profit from Obama's most popular policies, while avoiding responsibilities for those that have been most criticized.

"He wants to take advantage of Obama's work but he doesn't have to answer any of these questions," said Castro, who was the owner of the Housing portfolio under the Obama administration, between 2014 and 2017.

Biden and Castro staged several clashes during the debate. At one point, Castro came to imply that the vice president has a bad memory because of his age and forgets what he says.

With respect to immigration, the rest of the candidates took the opportunity to bring out their proposals and some went to Spanish, in an attempt to reach Hispanic homes.

Specifically, Senator Elizabeth Warren promised to expand the legal immigration system, as well as create a "fair and possible" path for undocumented immigrants to achieve US citizenship.

Meanwhile, Beto O'Rourke, who went to Spanish to ask for respect for everyone in the US, also said that nationality must be given to undocumented youth who came to the country as minors and what is known as " dreamers "or" dreamers ".

"Let us legalize the US, let's start with the more than one million 'dreamers' and their families," proposed the former Texan congressman.

The businessman Andrew Yang, of Chinese origin, said he will restore the legal immigration system that worked under the Obama administration and that Trump has tried to tithe, and used his personal history to set himself as an example.

"My father grew up on a ground floor peanut farm in Asia and now his son introduces himself to president," Yang presumed, who encouraged him to migrate to the United States because his experience can be repeated.

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