Biden breaks Obama's record and Trump loses with more votes than in 2016

Both President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden have mobilized more voters in this election than any other presidential candidate in US history. In this way, the Democrat becomes the most voted, surpassing the 70 million barrier and the Republican comes to occupy the second place.

Before these elections, Barack Obama occupied the first two positions by the votes received in the 2008 and 2012 elections respectively. Trump is the only Republican among the top five candidates. This classification only takes into account the total number of votes received and not the evolution of the census over the years.

Biden has not only been the most voted president in the history of the United States, but he has substantially improved the margin of votes with Trump compared to his partner Hillary Clinton in 2016, specifically in 40 of the 50 states.

In red are painted the states where Clinton was closer to Trump than Biden has been. The Republican swept with more than twenty points of advantage in 14 states: from Wyoming to Kansas through Tennessee or Nebraska. Of these 14, Biden has cut distances from Trump by thirteen. Only in Arkansas Hillary Clinton reaped better results than the current candidate.

On the contrary, in blue the states where Biden has extended that margin with respect to Clinton are painted. The 2016 candidate won in territories such as Virginia, Oregon, Connecticut and Delaware, among others. In all of them Biden has widened the margin of victory widely. However, in New York it was Biden who had the worst results compared to his partner: 9.5 points less.

The coronavirus has marked the campaign and the vote in this new electoral race. To comply with the measures and reduce risks, the Democratic Party encouraged participation in advance. Nearly 100 million Americans voted before the polls opened on November 3. With the scrutiny still unfinished, the turnout figure has been record high and is estimated at more than 157 million.

This has meant that both Biden and Trump have expanded the number of ballots received compared to 2016. Trump has improved his results in all states and Biden has obtained more votes in the 50 territories than his partner Hillary Clinton.


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