Biden and the EU seal an alliance to guarantee energy supply in the midst of the crisis with Russia

Biden and the EU seal an alliance to guarantee energy supply. And they do so in the midst of the crisis with Russia, one of the main gas suppliers to the European Union, and also in the midst of the electricity bill crisis due to the runaway price of gas. Thus, in this context, at a time when the outcome of the Ukraine crisis is pending, the viability of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that connects Russia with Germany across the Baltic Sea and circumventing Ukraine. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, have signed a declaration committing themselves to "the security and energy sustainability of Europe and to accelerating the global transition towards clean energy".

Both leaders state: "We also share the goal of ensuring Ukraine's energy security and Ukraine's progressive integration into the EU gas and electricity markets."

According to the signed declaration, "the commitments of the EU and the United States to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, through clean energy, in particular renewable energies, energy efficiency and technologies, open a path towards security energy supply and reducing dependence on fossil fuels".

They add: "The current challenges to European security underscore our commitment to accelerate and carefully manage the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy."

"Over the last decade", they maintain, "the EU has invested in diversifying supply through infrastructure and strengthening its internal energy networks, increasing the resilience and flexibility of EU energy markets. The European Commission will intensify working with Member States to ensure supply, within transparent and competitive gas markets, in a way that is compatible with long-term climate goals and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050".

"While that process intensifies during this critical decade, we are committed to working closely together to overcome the current challenges of security of supply and high prices in energy markets", they state: "We commit to intensify our strategic energy cooperation to secure supply and we will work together to make a reliable and affordable energy supply available to citizens and businesses in the EU and its neighbours.

Both leaders affirm that "the United States and the EU are working to achieve a continuous, sufficient and timely supply of natural gas to the EU from various sources around the world to avoid supply crises, including those that could result from a new Russian invasion. Ukraine. The United States is already the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the EU. We are collaborating with governments and market players to supply additional volumes of natural gas to Europe from various sources around the world."

Short-term liquefied gas "can improve security of supply as we continue with the transition to net-zero emissions. The European Commission will work to improve transparency and utilization of liquefied gas terminals in the EU. We intend to work together , in close collaboration with the EU Member States, in gas supply and contingency forecasting".

Biden and Von der Leyen conclude: "We call on major energy-producing countries to join us in ensuring that global energy markets are stable and well-supplied."

On February 7, the Ministers of Energy of the 27 will meet.

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