Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Bezos gives his ex-wife 25% of her shares in Amazon

Bezos cede a su exmujer el 25% de sus acciones en Amazon

To this day, and from the Forbes list from last March, Jeff Bezos will continue to be the richest in the world after accounting for his divorce.

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The two reached for Twitter to break the news. MacKenzie Bezos first announced the agreement with his ex-husband by which will be with 25% of the shares they owned from Amazon. This is equivalent, according to the price of this Thursday, to about 36,000 million dollars (28,500 million euros).

However, by regulation in the state of Washington, where they have their residence and educate their children, the wife could have claimed 50%.

The agreement allows Jeff Bezos to keep control of the titles and that "collateral damages" for his romance with television Lauren Sanchez are much lower than some had advanced.

MacKenzie said she was satisfied to close this 25-year marriage leaving 75% of the titles to her husband. It also gives you a vote on your shareholding percentage, as evidenced by the documentation delivered to the Securities Market Commission (SEC).

In addition, Jeff keeps the interests in the space company Blue Origin and The Washington Post.

The ex-wife becomes the third richest woman in the world, and the entrepreneur retains control of the company

The distribution of the cake of shares of the couple means that MacKenzie remains with 4% of titles of the digital supermarket, while he will retain 12% and the recognition of being "the greatest fortune of the planet".

Forbes estimated that Jeff Bezos' fortune, pending the outcome of the divorce, rose to 131,000 million dollars a few weeks ago (some 117,000 million euros). An amount greater than that attributed to Bill Gates, which is the one that follows him on the list. In fact, in an update of yesterday, and discounted the part of MacKenzie, the estimated fortune of Jeff amounted to 108,000 million (about 96,000 million euros), while Gates was 102,000 million (around 91,000 million euros), according to the Bloomberg agency.

Taking into account these stock market swings, what corresponds to MacKenzie places it in the club of the 30 richest. In an unofficial calculation, would be placed in the third woman with more billions, just behind Francoise Betencourt and Alice Walton. "I feel very encouraged with my plans," she added in her tweet.

"I am very grateful to my family and friends for this agreement and, more than anyone else, to MacKenzie," he said. They say that because of the issue of divorce proceedings, Jeff had stopped seeing Sanchez. Suspecting that Saudi Arabia could be behind, the leak of idyll to the National Enquirer supermarket tabloid forced Jeff to announce his divorce.

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