Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

“Between lives and economy, this Government chooses lives”

The Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Government, Meritxell Budó, defended this Monday that the priority right now is health and the fight against the coronavirus, and not the economy: “This Government, if it is clear about one thing, is that, between lives and economies, this Govern chooses lives “.

In a telematic press conference with the councilors Miquel Buch and Alba Vergés, he said that it is still early to assess the economic cost that the health crisis is assuming and has acknowledged that they do not have an estimate of what the total confinement that the Generalitat.

Thus, he has maintained that the Govern puts public health before the economy and that it is focusing on taking “all the measures that allow saving lives.”

Budó has insisted on asking the Pedro Sánchez government to apply total confinement to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and has demanded that the central executive not wait as long as Italy to take this measure, since it believes that the Italian government has opted for this option. “after a month of half-confinement”.

“We hope that Sánchez will not take as long as it took for the Conte government to make this decision,” and he welcomed the fact that the Region of Murcia has asked for the same.


The Government spokeswoman has specified that her demand for total confinement means that circulation is prohibited except in several cases, such as the supply, production and distribution of food, and the purchase of food and basic pharmacy products, among others. .

It also includes permission to travel to work centers in security services, emergencies, civil protection, public health, health services, penitentiaries, residences, funeral homes, public radio and television, electricity, drinking water, fuels, gas, telecommunications and sanitary supplies, among others, and cleaning services linked to these areas: “All the rest of the movements are asking that they not be allowed.”

Budó has reiterated that the authorization of the central government to do this total confinement is essential so that there is the “legal coverage” necessary for companies and workers to interrupt their activity.


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