April 18, 2021

Betting on professionals has a prize

Betting on professionals has a prize

To be the most attractive, exciting and motivating company for digital talent. This is the challenge that Indra has set itself and for which it is addressing in recent years a profound cultural transformation in which people and their talent are the real protagonists.

That strategic commitment is already bearing fruit. Thanks to the effort that the company is making to improve the management of talent in an integral way, it has become one of the best companies to work for in our country due to the conditions it offers its professionals, according to the Top Employer Institute certificate. It is one of the six Ibex 35 companies that has achieved this certification.

For this, Indra has had to overcome the exhaustive evaluation and the demanding standards of this organization in all areas of Human Resources management, as well as an external audit. The certification also reaches Minsait, the Indra subsidiary that groups together all the activities of Information Technology and digital transformation of the company.

"We are very proud to be recognized as Top Employer, as this badge highlights the work we are doing to improve all of our Human Resources processes and encourages us to continue tackling the challenges we still have pending," says José Cabello, director General Human Resources of Indra. "In addition, it contributes to our attraction and talent loyalty, which is our main asset, and thanks to the tools and reports that Top Employers Institute makes available to us, it helps us to continue developing the best practices of Human Resources and to improve our employer brand" , Explain.

Indra has launched numerous initiatives in recent years that aim to ensure that the company's professionals, with all their diversity of expectations, family and personal situations, find in Indra the ideal environment in which to meet their aspirations. An environment that also attracts the best professionals who have not yet joined the company.

Among these initiatives, Smart Start stands out, the comprehensive program for the recruitment of young talent, through which Indra has incorporated more than 2,000 young people in Spain in 2018, and 1,000 more in its international subsidiaries, with the purpose of contributing to accelerate the cultural change in Indra and to promote the digital transformation and the development of new innovative solutions and services. The young talents have specific training, development, evaluation and professional progression programs for their first two years in the company.

According to Adrián Irala, 27 years old and a worker in the area of ​​Transportation Innovation of the company "the welcome at Indra is very good, both for the training you receive and for the work environment. From the first moment you are one more in the team, you assume responsibilities and you feel very valued ». For his part, Alejandro Deba, 28 years old and professional in the area of ​​Cybersecurity of Minsait, the IT subsidiary of Indra, highlights the labor flexibility, "that makes your life easier". "You trust a lot in the worker and his responsibility, so you can self-manage. In addition, you learn every day thanks to the training and to work with very cutting-edge topics ».


Beyond young talent, the drive to diversity is another basic pillar to grow a new culture in the company. Indra has reinforced its gender diversity program in 2018 with new initiatives, including group coaching sessions with women on the management team; the "Women who inspire" cycle, to make Indra workers known as referees; or a hack day aimed at university women. The company has recently renewed the Distinctive Equality in Business, which is granted by the Spanish Government, and has been included in the VariableD2019 Report as one of the Spanish companies with best practices in terms of equality, diversity and gender.

Clara Fernández, 29, spends part of her time in Egypt due to the project of the transport market in which she currently works. In his opinion, "the autonomy that you have as a professional; the variety of projects in which you participate, that do not allow you to be encased; teamwork with different profiles and the possibility of changing areas in a large company "are some of the advantages offered by Indra.

Transferring the impact of their work on society, improving commitment, the process of "on-boarding" or creating new collaborative and inspiring work spaces and training are some of the challenges facing Indra. currently working the company.

Training and support for intrapreneurship

As an important pillar of cultural change, Indra launched at the end of 2016 an ambitious corporate university, which generates the ecosystem of continuous self-learning required by new talent, making available to professionals the best internal and external resources so that they self-manage their training and they can develop professional careers adapted to their profiles.

It is a living, growing project that recently incorporated Udemy for Business, a learning platform with content on demand. In this way, it has given free access to all its professionals to more than 3,000 specialized online courses that facilitate the rapid development of skills and skills, as currently demanded by the market.

The commitment to internal talent is also reflected in intrapreneurship initiatives such as "Innovators", with which Indra seeks to promote a more innovative culture in the organization and mobilize all the talent of its professionals to generate disruptive ideas that are incorporated into its offer. and strengthen their technological leadership.


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