‘Better late’ labels a boy who was in Iceland as reckless by the La Palma volcano

The volcanic eruption that arose in the Canary Islands has put the whole world on alert, which caused the media to travel very quickly to La Palma to cover it. During these days, many of them have wanted to give a voice to those affected and reprimand the irresponsible, such as ‘Better late’, who wanted to criticize a young man for risking too much when in fact he was not even on the island.

The program presented by Iñaki López and Cristina Pardo wanted reprimand those who get too close to the volcano for a stunning photo. To give evidence that this was happening, the collaborator María Maleta showed several visual tests about it.

In one of them you could see a young man next to a volcano, supposedly that of La Palma, which they called reckless. The truth is that the boy was not near the place, but it could be seen that I was in Iceland and the photo was taken on September 17th. This error has caused a barrage of criticism in social networks against the program, since laSexta always warns about fake news.


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