Betis: The new life of Canales | sports

Betis: The new life of Canales | sports

There was no doubt last spring at Betis. Sergio Canales (Santander, 1991) ended contract at Real Sociedad and the Andalusian team made him an offer for five seasons. The signing included a generous signing bonus and Canales signed delighted by Betis. In addition to the good conditions offered by the club of Verdiblanco, the style of play of Quique Setién also seduced his countryman. "He is a huge footballer and his way of understanding soccer is perfect for us," Setien himself argued when his signing was certified. The Betic coach had followed the game of Canales since he was 10 years old but had never coincided with him. Now he has it under his command.

The medical services of Betis knew perfectly the history of serious injuries of Channels. Canales has broken three times the cruciate ligaments of his knees. On two occasions those on the left and one on the right. The first two breaks came in the 2011-12 season, when Canales played for Valencia. The third one arrived in December 2015. On this occasion, he played for Real Sociedad and when he was in a great moment of his sports career. The Verdiblanca technical secretariat followed him up in each game last year before signing him. In a meeting between Lorenzo Serra, sports director, and Setién himself ended up giving his approval on arrival. From that moment, the technical body designed a special work plan for Santander. The performance of Canales, up to this moment, is still very good. His driving in the first goal of Betis on Sunday December 16 in Cornellá against Espanyol corresponds to a player in physical fullness. Canales has played 22 matches with Betis in its first season in Seville. There are 16 from LaLiga, four from the Europa League and two from the Copa del Rey. Of them, Canales was a starter in 18 clashes, playing a total of 1,688 minutes.

"It is indisputable that Canales has gone through very bad moments in his career. We have studied his three serious injuries and the first thing I have to say is that he has gone ahead thanks to his tenacity and his strength ", clarifies Marcos Álvarez, physical trainer of the Betis. "Sergio is a good professional. Works like everyone, at a high level, although it is true that with him we have some guidelines for empowering the lower train by its history. He is so demanding with himself that sometimes we have to stop him in the work sessions so he does not get too loaded, "adds Marcos. "Canales takes good care of himself and is disciplined in his daily work. We can not forget that he is only 27 years old, so he is at an optimum time to reach his physical and mental fullness. What happens is that he jumped very young to the elite and it may seem that he is older. We try to enhance its virtues to match our style of play. He accepts everything because he has a very neat head. It has adapted very well to what we propose, "clarifies Betis physical trainer.

In fact, Canales debuted in the First Division on October 5, 2008 in an Osasuna-Racing. He was only 17 years old and was one of the greatest hopes of Spanish football. His progression was so spectacular that he signed for Madrid in the summer of 2010 after only two courses in Racing and in exchange for five million euros. "What we like the most about Canales football is their driving speed. That is very complicated because you are going at a great speed and you have to handle a ball at the same time. Then he has a good shot and he sees football quite well ", adds Marcos Álvarez. Canales is one of the Betis players to whom Setién is free to run in search of the rival field. His ability to draw lines in highly praised in the Betic system. Especially since the rivals tend to push the ball out of Betis very high. The option of channels in conduction is one of the escape routes used by the green and white team to overcome this pressure.

The great moment of Canales is giving reason to Serra and Setién for the bet on a footballer who always loved the coach bético. In fact, the relationship between the two is quite good since before coinciding in Betis. Setién, in 2015, demanded financial aid to the soccer player to help the Racing. Setién asked for 25,000 euros and Canales did not hesitate to respond in the affirmative to Setién's request to help the Cantabrian team.

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