April 22, 2021

Betis: Canales submits Atlético | sports

Betis: Canales submits Atlético | sports

The succession of efforts and imposing conductions of Sergio Canales became the colophon of the great triumph of Betis about him Atlético de Madrid, conservative at first, innocent when giving a penalty and without efficiency when he went for everything to tie. Important step back from Simeone, unable to prevail on a rival tired by his walking copera, but really clever in his approach to defend himself with much order, leaving Atlético practically without chances except in a shot from Griezmann to the post. An Atletico who missed the opportunity to get close to three points behind the Barcelona leader, who breathed easy after the great Andalusian triumph. In the 91st minute, the local fans burst into tremendous applause when Canales hid the ball from all of Atlético, who were desperately looking for a draw. The palms rewarded the great game of Canales and his teammates, who added a great ability to defeat the second classified, who added his second defeat of the course.

Betis, 1-Atlético, 0

Betis: Pau; Barragán, Mandi, Bartra (Sidnei, m.52), Feddal, Francis (Junior, m.73); Kaptoum, Guardado, Canales, Joaquín (Javi García, m.83); and Sergio León. Not used: Joel; Lo Celso, Jesé and Loren.

Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Arias (Filipe Luis, m.46), Giménez, Lucas, Juanfran; Correa (Kalinic, m.75), Rodrigo, Thomas, Lemar (Vitolo, m.63); Griezmann and Morata. Not used: Adam; Montero, Cristian and Joaquín.

Goal: 1-0. M. 65. Channels, penalty.

Referee: I measured Jiménez. He admonished Arias, Correa, Lucas, Mandi, Junior, Sergio Leon and Pau. VAR Referee: Hernández Hernández.

Benito Villamarín. 50,864 spectators.

Mercy has Setién. After playing a copera extravaganza last Wednesday, the coach gave rest to Lo Celso and Canales, ordering a more practical approach. Three points got the Betis, with suffering, with people like Guardado and Joaquin on the verge of collapse, with Bartra injured. But it was Canales. And a defensive order that frustrated Morata and Griezmann. A good shock played by Betis to win a game that frustrates Atlético and knocks him out of his fight for the title. A triumph of prestige, enormous for those of Setién. A Simeone barely has the consolation of a possible penalty committed by Feddal on Morata with 0-0 on the scoreboard. He missed an important opportunity and the premiere of Morata did not say much. He speculated too much time and ended up paying dearly.

Everything was slow. Every movement of Morata, every foreseeable pass of the Betis players, to the cuts of Griezmann or Canales, blessed players to make a difference. There was so much control that Atlético forgot that they could put three points away from Barcelona. There was no vertigo and a lot of obsession for not missing a pass, for closing all the spaces, for making pressure a way of life to steal and crush the backlash. Really, the only thing alive from a first time to forget was the monumental stretch of Oblak at three minutes, when he made one of the stops of the year to take a shot of Feddal. A beating that seemed impossible to stop. The Slovenian goal does not stop, an authentic life insurance. The power of legs and the reflexes of Oblak worked a paradón.

It was the only thing that made in attack a Betis tired of legs and with the mind set on the semifinal next Thursday against Valencia. Actually, playing against Atlético is a torment for Setién's players, who make touch their hallmark. Atletico forced a lot and Betis hardly spun two or three quality passes in the danger zone of Madrid, who lived quite comfortable. In honor of the truth, Betis did not suffer either, with the desperate slowness of an Atlético where Morata was a castaway and Griezmann barely touched the ball. It seemed that Simeone's did not mind playing such a bad first time. Perhaps the tactic was to wait for the Betis, tired, without spark, harassed by the pressure, to fall like ripe fruit. In these equal matches, inequality is forged in the breadth of the squads and in the quality of the players destined to mark the differences. In any case, the risky bet ended up taking its toll.

Atlético printed another march in the second half. The ball began to haunt the area of ​​Betis, who had enormous problems to spin two consecutive passes. Griezmann had it after a mistake by Francis and Feddal played it in an entry in the area about Morata that seemed a penalty. When worse was happening, Betis found air in a play improper of how well competes Atlético. Guardado centered the area and Filipe Luis hit the ball with his hand naively. Channels, of course, transformed before the great Oblak taking advantage of the Brazilian's gift. Al Betis had to paddle and defend with intelligence, always with the ball, taking care of it with care before an Atletico that was launched with everything to tie. It had it Griezmann, with a shot to the stick while Simeone touched to rebato with the entrances of Vitolo and Kalinic. Then, in the middle of the burden, appeared the figure of Canales, ruling over the athletic storm with talent and physique. Boosted by his best man, Betis ended Atlético, who did not have any football to overcome this team that Setién has in the Copa semifinals, at the top of LaLiga and in the Europa League. And without Lo Celso and with kids like Kaptoum playing in front of the reduction of cash for so much competitive wear. Atletico, fresh after a week of training, with the signing of Morata as an incentive, ended up biting the dust. The football things.

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