Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

“Betis-Barça was one more game”

The Spanish referees they came up with the recent controversies in the use of the VAR with an open day at the Soccer City of Las Rozas, something unthinkable in the Federation with Angel Villar of president but that has been one of the constants of the mandate of Luis Rubiales. As in all previous occasions the transparency that promotes Carlos Velasco Carballo at the head of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) was not accompanied by any self-criticism and yes of much self-pomp: “The Spanish VAR is the best in Europe”, was the tonic of all interventions.

The first to offer his explanations was the Murcian referee José María Sánchez Martínez, in the focus of criticism because he was the referee of Betis-Barcelona of the last day and whose work deeply displeased both teams. The referees cannot talk about specific games or plays, but Sánchez Mártínez implied that he was not disgusted with his arbitration: “For me it was one more game. It goes in our referee DNA. I’ve been in this for 18 years and it’s normal for these things to happen. The arbitration career is based on experiences and you always learn. The controversy is something external to the arbitration collective ”.


The mistake is that they don’t help you correct the bug

Sánchez Martínez said that “there is much talk about corporatism, that the referees of the VOR room do not correct our mistakes in the field to help us, but it is just the opposite. The mistake would be that they didn’t help us correct our mistakes and that we had to go home with the backpack of the mistake made. ”

Asked if Villamarín’s environmental pressure or the protests of the players during the match did not affect him, Sánchez Martínez also denied him: “We don’t feel anything special about that pressure. It goes in our way of understanding arbitration. I have had the example of great teachers. ”

The Murcian collegiate is not seen as the main focus of attention last day: “I am a referee like the other twenty here. The Committee should be proud of the referees it has. ” And he took the chest: “You have to value the arbitration and Spanish football. We have a very complete league and its arbitration is up to par. Not only teams go far in European competitions, but also Spanish referees. The Spanish VAR is the best. It does not harm us, it only helps us to correct mistakes. ”

The appeal

“You have to be more mature and consistent”

Sánchez Martínez ended his speech with a call: “When I referee a match, all players respect the VAR. Everyone wants the VAR. Only that we are mature and consistent. ” The collegiate bears four classics and was the one who directed the final of the last Spanish Super Cup in Arabia.

José Luis Munuera Montero, of the Andalusian committee, was even more conclusive when talking about the VAR: “He is our guardian angel. You no longer go home in pain, spinning the play. ” Munuera Montero pointed out that the VAR criterion in Spain is the same as in other countries.

The entries behind

It has not changed criteria in the plays

Carlos del Cerro Grande, of the Madrid committee, insisted that the protocol that is followed for all the plays is the same “and has not changed since the season began”, something that is also controversial because since the second day they are not sanctioned with Red the entrances behind.

Pablo González Fuertes, Asturian, admits the error: “In the end they are things of interpretation. We are wrong and we will be wrong because we are human, but the criteria we apply is always clear and uniform. It happens that we always talk about the penalty we didn’t see. ”

Jesús Gil Manzano, the Extremaduran referee who played the Osasuna-Real Madrid on Sunday did not appear at the event for having a Cup match this Thursday, the Real Sociedad-Mirandés.

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