October 27, 2020

Best Prime Day Deals on Vacuum Robots

Best Prime Day Offers on Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Cleaning

Best Prime Day Offers on Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Cleaning

He Prime day 2020 is here, and since BuyBest.co.uk we bring you the best Recommended offers in all cleaning robots and cleaning appliances. Robot vacuum cleaners, robot scrubbers, hand vacuum cleaners, vacuum brooms … many products are on sale with great discounts exclusively for Amazon Prime users. Don’t let them escape!

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IRobot Braava jet m6132 Robot Scrubber (€ 499) – € 200 discount

The Braava jet m6132 scrubbing robot from the leading company iRobot has a pressure jet sprayer that removes adherent dirt and stains without reaching furniture, carpets or walls.

Thanks to its technology, the robot knows which mode to use on each surface. It can be controlled by voice and is compatible with Alexa. And all this for a great offer of 200 euros discount at the moment.

IRobot Mop Robot Braava 390 T (€ 149) – € 100 discount

This robot is designed for all types of floors, including laminate, wood, ceramic or stone. With it, you can clean large spaces thoroughly thanks to its iadapt 2.0 triple scrub system. It also includes 4 microfiber cloths: 2 for scrubbing and 2 for dry mopping. Now you can get the Braava 390 T scrubber on Amazon with a discount of 100 euros if you are a Prime user.

Shark ICZ160EUT Cordless Vacuum (€ 279.99) – € 270 off

With a incredible discount of 270 euros, the Shark ICZ160EUT cordless vacuum is a great purchase option for this Prime Day.

One of the most interesting features of this model is that effectively removes hair from the roller while vacuuming, so that it does not accumulate. Its battery has an autonomy of 50 minutes. You can vacuum on any type of surface without the need to change the head. Offer with a 5-year warranty.

Bosch Unlimited Series 8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (€ 299) – € 200 discount

The most interesting thing about this cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch is that sucks in dirt and exhales purified air thanks to the pureair filter. Ideal for any type of surface, it can easily become a handheld vacuum cleaner. This Bosch product has reduced its usual price 200 euros on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Bosch BBH628P1 Athlet Zoo’o Series 6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (€ 219) – € 112 discount

This red cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch achieves optimal cleaning results, thanks to its SmartSensor Control system, which controls and self-regulates own performance the vacuum cleaner. Is a good option for houses with pets, since one of its specialties is vacuuming this type of hair. Now available with a 112 euro discount.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum ($ 309) – $ 190 off

This Shark vacuum has 80 minutes of autonomy due to its double battery. Plus, its wand is flexible, so it can be bent for cleaning under furniture and for easy storage. The company grants 5 year warranty to the product in this offer for Prime Day. The usual price of the vacuum cleaner is reduced by 190 euros for the occasion.

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