Best Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining Ethereum

Best Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining Ethereum

Nvidia is probably the most popular make of graphics card to be used for mining crypto. The reason for this is that Nvidia GPUs are found in most gaming desktop computers. Until recently, they were affordable, however, since the boom in crypto mining and chip shortage, prices for graphics cards have gone through the roof.

Where can I buy graphics card from for a reasonable price in the UK?

Avoid Amazon because the prices are super inflated on that platform, eBay is rife with scammers who send an empty box or provide false tracking information for a parcel sent to their friends address. There are only 4 places to buy graphics cards at a reasonable price from the United kingdom, however, you will find that most are out of stock and it is a case of refreshing the page until they come into stock. Stock can be added at any time on each website at any hour, wether it is 4am GMT, stock seems to randomly come in go out of stock almost immediately after, so you have to be on the ball!

  1. CCLOnline is probably the most stocked store as of writing this, however, they are locked into trading with scalpers. You need to be really quick to grab a graphics card. We managed to purchase a 2060 Super and an 3070 for a combined price of £1349.
  2. Punch Technology offers a very limited selection of graphics cards but at really good price and when they have stock, its normally a lot of each card.
  3. TolvaPC probably the lowest prices you will find anywhere but very little stock. They cannot give you a time frame of when stock will arrive but if you register an account with them, you can get notified of when stock will arrive and beat other customers to the front of the queue. We bought a 3060 12GB GPU for £598.

Which Nvidia graphics cards should I choose from for mining Ethereum?

This is the list taken from which is a website full of good information about mining and current top altcoins to invest into. The list is in order, best graphics card at number 1.

  1. RTX 3090
  2. RTX 3080
  3. RTX 3070
  4. RTX 3060Ti
  5. RTX 2080Ti
  6. RTX 2080 Super
  7. RTX 1080Ti
  8. RTX 2080
  9. RTX 2060 Super
  10. RTX 2070 Super

When you have your GPU you might want to follow this guide here to mine direct to your Ledger.