Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Besides Catalonia, Spain has a problem of lack of equity

Besides Catalonia, Spain has a problem of lack of equity

The president of the Generalitat and PSPV candidate for re-election, Ximo Puig, defends the need to solve the problem of regional financing because the territorial dilemma of Spain "is not simply Catalonia", he warns, but there is "a problem of lack of equity among the Spaniards ".

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In an interview with the EFE Agency, Puig says he believes that financing should be reformed "in any scenario", because "the situation in Catalonia does not summarize the problem of Spain" and there are "other views and other problems" in this country.

For the president, the only solution that exists in the matter of financing is "singularity between territories and equality between citizens", and until that is not achieved, Spain has "a big problem".

He affirms that they are very concerned about the Catalan conflict because the Valencian Community has "a special relationship with Catalonia", both economic, historical and cultural, and considers that with this situation they lose both autonomies, because "there are many things that we could do together and that in these moments they are not done because on the other side there is no will ".

Puig continues to think that dialogue is the only solution to the Catalan conflict: "I do not see another, the way is dialogue within the law, there is no alternative," he says, and asks if anyone can be taken seriously "that alternative of right of direct implantation "of article 155 of the Constitution," breaking the own constitutional norms ".

"It is unconstitutional to say that article 155 will be applied without the objective reasons to apply it, what the right wants to do is something else, it is an unconstitutional way to defend the Constitution, which, honestly, I do not understand," he adds.

In this regard, the also general secretary of PSPV-PSOE believes that "sovereignty is as anti-constitutional as the recentralization proposed by the right".

He also criticizes the Valencian right-wing parties trying to transfer this conflict to the Comunitat Valenciana, something that he attributes to "they do not have a political project" for this autonomy, "they are anchored in their past" and "they try to create ghosts".

"No sensible person can defend that Castilian is in danger in the Comunitat", assures Puig, who affirms that all the sociolinguistic and sociolinguistic indicators say the same, that the Castilian in this community is majority and that if there is a language that at this moment has a difficulty is the Valencian.

Considered "very significant" that the right raise this issue because it shows "how far away from reality" these parties and their lack of political project.

"As there is no political project, you have to look for the ghost of Catalanism to see if you try to mobilize emotions and the worst of the human being, which has to do with hatred and resentment," he laments.


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