February 27, 2021

"Besazo" of women in Uruguay in protest of sentence to Argentine lesbian

Dozens of women met Wednesday in front of the Argentine embassy in Uruguay to make a "kiss" against the sentence to the Argentine lesbian Mariana Gomez, who was sentenced to one year in prison for "resistance to authority and cause minor injuries" to an Argentine police agent.

Songs, posters, drums and flags accompanied the cold and winter afternoon Montevideo for the activity, which was convened through social networks and sought to make visible what happened last October in Argentina.

On October 2, Gómez and his partner, Rocío Giralt, were at the Constitución station in the center of Buenos Aires, smoking and kissing when an agent approached them to reprimand them for smoking in an unlicensed area, before which Gómez he protested, confronting the agent.

The policeman in question, of whom the two women claim to have treated them with violence upon noticing that they were lesbians, filed charges against Gómez for resistance to authority and injuries, a version that on June 28 the Justice ratified by means of a judgment that the defendant and her partner qualify as "patriarchal".

The version of the security forces was that the agents approached her because she was smoking in a place where it was forbidden, but Gómez stressed that she defended herself when the agents arrived because she considered it an act of lesbophobia against her and her partner, since There were several people who smoked but the police approached them alone.

This situation caused the rejection of feminist organizations both in Argentina and in Uruguay, which motivated the activity that took place this Wednesday in downtown Montevideo.

While the call was only for kissing in front of the diplomatic building, the embassy decided to cut the street with fences and put an operation of more than 10 police officers with helmets, shields and shotguns to guard the place.

The fences did not impede the creativity of those present who, quickly, began to hang the posters in the bars with phrases like "we are not afraid" or "Mariana from here we chuponeamos (we kiss) todxs" and to raise the volume of their songs.

"Mariana, listen, your fight is our fight", was one of the most intoned songs during the day that also included others such as "We are not all, missing the prey" or shouts of "liberen a las pibas".

After everyone present chorally read a poem by the trans-Argentinean artist Susy Shock, entitled "El Beso", they began the slogan by kissing and hugging.

Some, with longer kisses while others were "peaks" and smiled at the applause and howls of all.

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