Besay Pérez falls in love with everyone in ‘La Voz’

The name of Besay Perez little by little it becomes known in peninsular territory and also, in those homes of the Canary Islands that did not know of the talent of the vocalist of ‘The Sabandeños’. The island artist once again conquered everyone when he took the stage of ‘The voice‘.

The canary continues his career in the program Antenna 3 in which this past weekend the Final Assault of ‘La Voz’ passed with note. Once again, his power, lyrical and feeling has captivated everyone present with a version of the tango ‘Nostalgia‘.

Both Malú, and Beret, as well as all the coaches and advisors of the Atresmedia talent show they have gaped with the talent of the Sabandeño during his performance.

And it was no wonder. He was chosen by the public of ‘La Voz’ to go to the Direct phase in the Malú team: “His way of singing is spectacular”, has sentenced his coach.

A sweeping start

29 years old and a native of Tenerife, He is a soloist of the folk group of ‘The Sabandeños. Besay said in his presentation on the program that “he grew up with his grandparents and his mother because his father abandoned them when he and his twin brother were just months old.” He stutters and “the only time where he does not stutter is when singing”, recognizes the singer who does not like to be pigeonholed in the lyrical, “because he also sings other things”, but his potential “is brought out mainly in themes of great tenors “.

The Tenerife talent debuted in the program in style by daring to interpret the song ‘O sole mio’ by Pavarotti and has impressed the four coaches by taking a well-deserved plenary session. After great arguments, Besay chose to join Malú’s team, Luis Fonsi, Alejandro Sanz and Pablo Alboran. After each of the international artists showed their arguments, the canary chose to choose the singer from Madrid.

In the next phase, ‘The Great Battle‘, the artist, who is part of Los Sabandeños, was the only one who went round in his performance. Together with Makiko and the TNT Group he made an impressive performance where the voices have stood out above all in an original version of ‘A mi modo’ by Il Divo.

And in ‘The Assaults‘, the singer has lovingly interpreted the song’ Open the door ‘by David Bisbal and Alejandro Fernández in front of the artist from Almería, who has applauded Besay’s enormous performance during the first Asaltos program.

After his performance, Besay and Bisbal starred in a unique moment in ‘La Voz’ by joining their voices to perform the theme in the center of the set. The canary was one of those chosen by Malú and Beret and competed together with Tomasa Peña and Jesús Peguero in the Final Assault phase to fight for a spot on the Directs.

Alejandro Sanz, Malu, Pablo Alboran and Luis Fonsi The Directs of ‘La Voz’ already have their teams in full face. In the next program, their teams of four talents each will be cut in half.. That will be next Saturday, November 27th.


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