Bernie Sanders leaves the hospital in the US after suffering a heart attack

Senator and White House Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders on Friday was discharged from hospital after spending three days admitted for suffering a heart attack on Tuesday, doctors who treated him revealed.

Sanders, 78, was intervened for an arterial obstruction in a hospital in Las Vegas (Nevada) after suffering chest pain during an act, although his campaign did not confirm that it was a heart attack until Friday.

The senator, third in the polls, left the hospital on his own foot, smiling and waving with his hand and fist raised.

Although Sanders has suspended his campaign indefinitely, he works, he said, to be in the next debate, that Democrats will celebrate October 15 in Ohio.

"I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center for the excellent care they gave me. After two and a half days in the hospital, I feel good, and after taking a short break, I hope to return to the job, "Sanders said on Twitter after leaving the hospital.

The senator will spend tonight in Las Vegas and this Saturday will fly to his residence in Burlington (Vermont).

Sanders is one of three septuagenarians of the Democratic presidential race, along with also favorites Joe Biden, 76, and also Senator Elizabeth Warren, 70. In addition, the president, Donald Trump, who aspires to re-election, He is 73.

It is possible that the heart attack suffered by Sanders ignites the focus of the campaign on the health of the applicants, since its episode adds to the much commented bids of Biden.

Biden, precisely, still heads the Democratic polls followed by Warren and Sanders.

Although the Democratic race has been fought for months, candidates will not see their faces at the polls until February 3 of next year, when Iowa, the first state to vote, will hold its primaries with a view to the November presidential elections. 2020, in which Republican Donald Trump will seek re-election.

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