March 9, 2021

Bernie Sanders leads the polls in Nevada loosely

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, with 30% support and a baggy 14-point lead over former Vice President Joe Biden, heads the polls ahead of the primaries on Saturday in Nevada, showing that the tables have changed a lot between the main Democratic candidates for the Presidency, according to the average polls of the Real Clear Politics specialized page.

Behind Biden (16%), who led the polls a week ago, is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 14.5% of the intention to vote, and just after her is the former mayor of South Bend (Indiana ) Pete Buttigieg, which brings together 12.5% ​​of support among respondents.

The results predicted for the millionaire Tom Steyer, who did not participate in the debate on Wednesday night among the Democratic candidates and who has not yet achieved a single delegate, are surprised, as the polls grant him 10.5% of the intention of vote among Democratic voters in this state located west of the country.

At the back of the millionaire is the senator by Minnesota Amy Klobuchar (9.5%). For her part, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard does not collect any support among those surveyed in Nevada.

These results are in line with national polls, in which, among the Democrats, Sanders leads with 27.8% of the intention to support, 10 points above Biden (17.8%).

The average of Real Clear Politics for the latest polls on the Democratic primary at the national level gives third place to billionaire Michael Bloomberg – who does not show up to the Nevada caucuses – because it brings together 16.1% of the intention to vote followed by Warren (12.3%) and the former mayor of South Bend (10.3%).

Already much more distant, are Klobuchar, with 6.4% of the support, Steyer (2.4%) and Gabbard (1.4%).

Although in the Democratic side everything is yet to be decided, in the Republican the clear candidate is the current president, Donald Trump, who according to a Gallup poll published on Thursday, brings together 49% support among Americans, while 48% position themselves against him.

The president will try to be re-elected for another four years in the presidential elections on November 3.


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