Bernardo's Marmalades - The Province

Bernardo's Marmalades - The Province

When you decide to buy a product with the Made in the Canary Islands distinctive you are investing in our people and in our land. You invest in our people because you help sustain industrial employment and you contribute to creating indirect employment in the rest of the economic sectors. You invest in our land because our industry will be more competitive and will generate more economic activity in the Canary Islands. When you buy Elaborated Here, come back to you.

We are a different company and that is how we understand our work philosophy, in line with that differential element that characterizes us. Our products are differentials, therefore we can not carry out their commercialization in the traditional way. We offer a product and its wealth, not a price. Our customers first test our products and, subsequently, we talk about their value. It is a formula that always gives good results.

Almost a quarter of a century of work supports us. Bernardo, its founder, conveyed that entrepreneurial spirit to his family and his employees.

Innovation is present at the moment of thinking, making and marketing our products. We know very well that neither the jams, nor the mojos, nor the liquors are high turnover. We explore what the client wants, the experience he has when he consumes them. We seek to offer a different sensation.

We preserve the artisan, each product takes the work of the person who thought it, who produced it, who closed the pot € because everything is done manually. We have machines but when we have to do an extra production we do not put more machines to work but we hire more people.

The raw materials we use are from this land but it is true that we do not find everything we need here. In this sense, what we bring from outside is provided by Canarian companies. We prioritize suppliers from the local to the regional.

Our main market is the Canary Islands. We have our own distribution on all the islands except La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, which we are trying to reach. We also export, resume the German market and have other markets in Europe.

Our flagship product is the jam of Indian tuno, with which Bernardo started this factory. Over time the Indian tuno was combined with orange, banana, honey, and recently we launched Indian tuno with aloe. They are products that stand out in any linear supermarket, in any store, restaurant or cafeteria.

Bernardo's transmits what I understand by wealth, which is not only limited to the economy or finances, but it is a value that is present in a conversation, in an experience. In any job well done there is wealth. If there is effort, concern and a good product, in the end there is wealth and work for all.


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