Bernardo Montoya, the trusty prisoner who worked as a locksmith | Society

Bernardo Montoya, the trusty prisoner who worked as a locksmith | Society

Agents of the Civil Guard escort Bernardo Montoya after the reconstruction of the crime. In video, the neighbors react when they see Montoya return to his house.

Since he was born on October 13, 1968, Bernardo Montoya has had two very different lives. One, in freedom, divided between Extremadura, where it was born, Andalusia and Catalonia. The second, in the penitentiary center of Huelva, where he has spent 20 years and 10 months, as reflected in his prison record. In the first of those lives he has accumulated crimes and frightened the neighbors of Cortegana (Huelva), in which he and part of his family lived after emigrating from his native Badajoz. A former schoolmate recalls that Bernardo and his twin brother, Luciano – currently in prison for other crimes – set fire to the classroom in the neighborhood of Las Eritas where they studied EGB room by drawing with a flame the Z of the Fox on the wall.

Between bars, however, Bernardo was transformed. His good behavior and absence of serious incidents led the people in charge of the Huelva prison to detain him, during his last imprisoned period, in a cell in one of the less conflictive modules of the center. In fact, it ended up being what in prison jargon is called "prisoner of confidence." This allowed him to have a job in prison, something very precious among inmates, since it facilitates the attainment of permits. Until October 22, he regained his freedom, Bernardo Montoya was part of the prison maintenance team. It was the locksmith.

His first entry into prison dates back to 1994, as revealed by the first two digits of his NIS (the systematic identification number assigned to each inmate upon entering for the first time and which he always keeps), 9417214877. Then, he was in prison preventive only one month, according to prison sources. He would not return until December 18 of the following year, after having assassinated Cecilia Fernández, an 82-year-old woman who had been assaulted in his house five days earlier. For those events he was sentenced to 17 years and nine months in prison as the perpetrator of a crime of murder, another of trespassing and one more of obstruction of justice. It was the first of the five convictions received, according to the data of the High Court of Justice of Andalusia.

From that first stage in prison, his file shows two serious incidents, both recorded when he was on prison permits. The first, in April 2008, during a seven-day outing. Then, he threatened a young girl and stabbed her dog in El Campillo, the same town in Huelva where now he has confessed to having murdered Professor Laura Luelmo. The sentence considered proven that to hold the victim he placed "a knife in his neck" and shouted: "As you scream, I'll spike you." He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

The second serious incident occurred on November 22, 2008. On that day he had to re-enter prison after enjoying a week's leave. It did not. He was one of the six prisoners of the prison of Huelva that that year took advantage of this penitentiary benefit to escape. For more than 10 months he was on the run, until in October 2009 he voluntarily presented himself in prison. A repentance that served him so that for this escape was sentenced to only 180 days for violation of sentence.

Violent robberies

The sum of those three sentences was completed in March 2015. He had spent more than 19 years behind bars -with the parenthesis of his escape-, despite which his freedom was short lived. His prison file reveals that on June 1, 2015 he returned to prison after committing robberies with violence in Cortegana during the previous two days. In the sentence that condemned him a few months later for these events to 2 years and 10 months in prison, it was gathered that Bernardo's actions had created "great social alarm in the town of Cortegana, which has meant that the villagers have been interested in the barracks [de la Guardia Civil] and the City Council itself through the presentation of writings, messages and Whatsapp the expulsion of the accused from the town. "

According to prison sources, during his third stay in prison he maintained good behavior and the few sanctions he received were slight. For this reason, he was held in a low-conflict module and managed to work as a locksmith in prison. Even in spite of his escape and the episode that he had starred in the permits of his previous conviction, the Treatment Board of the prison authorized him to leave for three days at the end of July of this year. After finally serving the sentence on October 22, 2018, he returned to the family home of El Campillo. Less than two months later, murdered Laura Luelmo. When he re-enters prison, it will be difficult for him to be re-classified as a "prisoner of confidence".


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