Bernardo Montoya: The prisoner for the crime of Laura Luelmo confesses that he killed her | Society

Bernardo Montoya: The prisoner for the crime of Laura Luelmo confesses that he killed her | Society

Civil guards, this Tuesday before the house where Bernardo Montoya lives, in El Campillo (Huelva).

Bernardo Montoya has acknowledged that he killed the young teacher Laura Luelmo. The already confessed murderer began the interrogation by lying to the Civil Guard agents, who took his testimony in the presence of his lawyer for long hours in the barracks of Valverde del Camino, where he remained throughout the day on Tuesday. Until the early hours of the morning kept impossible versions to avoid responsibility for the crime, according to sources of the case. However, first thing in the morning "has confessed", according to sources of the investigation, who assure that from her statement it is deduced that "she was not kidnapped". The investigators suspect that the man attacked the girl and put her in the trunk of his car to move her to a steep and withdrawn area of ​​the town.

The body of the young woman, who was 26 years old, was found half-naked and with visible signs of violence last Monday in an embankment of the area known as Las Mimbreras, in the municipality of El Campillo (Huelva). While Montoya goes to court and performs the reconstruction of the facts, begin to know more details of his confession and investigators continue to fit pieces with the multiple indications that have been gathering these days.

After the discovery of the body (this Monday) and the arrest of Montoya (yesterday Tuesday), the agents have ruled that the detainee held her for several days before killing her. And they have confirmed, however, that he attacked the girl and put her in the trunk of his car, shortly after seeing her leave his house in El Campillo on Wednesday, December 12 in the afternoon, the day he disappeared. The first results of the autopsy have revealed that the teacher did not die until December 14 or 15, so the most likely hypothesis is that she remained badly injured at the place where she left her.

Both the young woman and her assailant had recently arrived in this small town of 2,000 inhabitants and lived opposite each other. The teacher had just settled in the house, rented by one of the compañeras of the Nerva Institute (eight kilometers away), where she had just achieved her first job as a Drawing teacher. The neighbors say that he was watching her, and Laura Luelmo herself told her boyfriend that she was worried about the attitude of the now confessed murderer.

The researchers believe that Montoya followed the same pattern as The gum, the murderer of Diana Quer, who happened to have the same car model as Montoya, an Alfa Romeo. He forced her to put her in the trunk of the vehicle and moved her about four kilometers to a more steep and secluded area of ​​the town, where her body was found. From one of those trails you could see the girl's feet and some of the clothes she wore that day, the pants and her panties, which appeared scattered a few meters from her body.

The agents suspect that this could be the place where his assailant assaulted him - "with a blunt object" - the fatal blow to the forehead that, according to the first results of the autopsy, was the cause of death, dated "between the 14 and on December 15, "between two and three days after Luelmo disappeared.

Montoya had left prison two months ago after serving a sentence of two years and 10 months for robbery with violence. Previously, he had been in prison for the murder of a woman. The man was arrested when he got out of a car to flee on foot when he realized he was being watched by the Civil Guard.


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