Bernardo Montoya: The murderer of Laura Luelmo, the man who no longer knows how to live outside of prison | Society

Bernardo Montoya: The murderer of Laura Luelmo, the man who no longer knows how to live outside of prison | Society

Bernardo Montoya He is not afraid of jail. The prison has been his home during his adult life -22 years of stay now that he has turned 50-, the place where he has found order, discipline, a schedule to meet, needs covered, even a relationship with a woman. She is a prison inmate from Huelva, who she visits for a Friday morning visit on December 14. According to the Civil Guard, 48 hours before that December 14 Montoya has killed a blow to the head Laura Luelmo, its neighbor of 26 years for barely three days.

That Friday 14 may have killed her already (or who is thinking of doing so, according to forensic reports), but she knows that she has a Civil Guard patrol at the door of her house since the night before. It does not run away. Go to your appointment with the inmate. He already knows the jail: three times he has left it and several times he has returned for serious crimes.

Montoya is not afraid to lie. Neither to tell the truth. Not to return to the scene of the crime, where he knows that the Civil Guard is waiting because the woman he has killed or intends to kill is his neighbor across the street - five meters separate their doors -, whom he abducted when he returned from the supermarket. Wednesday December 12. She was carrying a bag with half a dozen eggs, two bottles of water and a bag of potatoes, potatoes that Montoya ate because she did not have anything else.

You already know what it is to kill. Montoya ended the life of an 82-year-old woman in 1995, when he was young and wanted to eliminate her so that she would not testify in a trial how she had assaulted her with a knife a year before. A murder in exchange for a robbery with violence. Montoya has irrational thoughts, possibly few intellectual and social resources in the eyes of experts. Who does not run away knowing that the agents are in front of their home and will return to ask for Laura Luelmo at any time, as they did the first day? "I did not know someone lived in that house," he replied, lying to the agents. Montoya walks in and out, takes his car and comes back, knows that he killed that young woman or thinks he should kill her, that at some point he has hidden the body five kilometers away in La Mimbrera, not too far away, or that he must get rid of his body. It acts disorderly. If he has to eliminate a witness, he kills it. And Laura Luelmo is. No, he is not afraid.

The young woman is a ghost woman in El Campillo, a town of 2,000 inhabitants in a mining area of ​​Huelva, with a contradictory landscape, the same seems a place of Mars that a fruit orchard. No one knows her because three days ago she lived in a small house that was rented on Córdoba Street 13, a corner of the little inhabited town. He has been in El Campillo for three days, where he resides because he left Zamora to teach drawing classes at the Vázquez Díez Institute in Nerva, nine kilometers away. From December 4 to 9 he lived in a hotel looking for a place to rent. He has not established relationships with anyone, he has not had time. When the afternoon falls, it is cold in El Campillo. And that Wednesday, December 12, the wind rises. "I do not know if I'll go for a walk, it's windy," she writes to her boyfriend, at 4:22 PM, so she decides to go to the supermarket to make a small purchase. He has only noticed that his neighbor across the street is not trustworthy. "I do not like how he looks at me," he told his partner.

The most accurate data in the last hours of Laura Luelmo's life It is the moment in which the cash register of the supermarket certifies the payment of your purchase. 5:20. From there, walk towards its end. His body will appear on Monday December 17 at La Mimbrera. She is dead, lying on the floor face down, naked in the middle of her body. Six days have passed.

Bernardo Montoya will return to prison, where another half-life will reside. You will receive a long sentence. He killed and sexually assaulted his victim, dictates the first report of the autopsy. It remains to be seen if he killed her hours after catching her, which is the thesis spread by the Civil Guard in a crowded press conference or lived with the idea of ​​killing her while the agents guarded a few meters from the door of his house, as you can deduct after the forensic report.

From Thursday the 13th to Tuesday the 18th she moves in a disorderly manner, she even goes to a health center on Friday the 14th because she has a blow on the side of a kick that the girl gave her, according to her own testimony when she was arrested. Travel to Huelva, to Seville, to Cortegana, 46 kilometers to the east, where part of the Montoya reside, a family of nine brothers. It does all that while batons of neighbors, dozens of agents, helicopters, diving equipment and even journalists comb the surroundings of his house on Calle Córdoba 13. Everyone asks and the neighbors respond that the culprit has been him.

Bernardo Montoya lacked the sense of risk. When on Tuesday 18, the day after the body of Laura Luelmo appears, she makes her last exit in her black Alfa Romeo, she is pursued by the agents. Then, he stops the car and runs away. "Do not let me get out of jail because I'll do it again," he proclaims before the judge in the case. He is no longer afraid of jail.

Laura Luelmo's parents ask to stop "the show"

The relatives of Laura Luelmo have asked the media to stop making "a show" of the death of the girl and to "avoid controversy and speculation."

"Please, we appeal to your feelings and to your compassion: Leave it now !!", they claim in a statement distributed by their lawyers. "Stop making our daughter's death a show, avoid polemics, speculations, emissions and public comments that only aggravate our anguish, lengthen our wait and increase our pain."

The parents claim to have felt comforted in their suffering by the "wave of demonstrations of support, encouragement and strength." However, the statement stresses, the parents of the young teacher ask media professionals to do their work "without contributing to increase this pain, which is exacerbated by the wait and increases exponentially when, under the pretext of right to information, other rights are violated ".


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