Bernardo Montoya, confessed murderer of Laura Luelmo, to prison without bail | Society

The confessed murderer of the young Zamora Laura Luelmo, Bernardo Montoya (center) on his arrival at the courts of Valverde del Camino (Huelva). In video, Montoya apologizes to the family.

Bernardo Montoya, confessed murderer and alleged rapist of Laura Luelmo in El Campillo (Huelva), He has spent the night in jail after this morning the head of the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Valverde del Camino decreed the provisional prison and without bail communicated to him, after testifying for more than five hours. The judge investigates him, as reported in a statement by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), for the crimes of murder, illegal detention (kidnapping) and sexual assault.

The judge adopted this decision after having Montoya before him from eight o'clock on Friday afternoon and until one o'clock this morning. After listening to the detainee, he considered necessary the measure of imprisonment due to the seriousness of the crime, the possibility of eliminating evidence, the risk of flight and the danger that he commits other criminal acts of the same severity as those now caused (he did not carry two months free when he killed Luelmo, his second mortal victim). For this judicial declaration, the detainee has had a new lawyer to renounce his defense, the ex officio that was initially assigned to him.

Montoya, arrested last Tuesday, was brought to court this Friday at noon, after the Civil Guard practiced the proceedings, which have not transpired. The detainee, an ex-convict who had just left prison after 17 years imprisoned for murder and robberies with violence, has confessed that he killed Laura Luelmo after corralling her with deceit, but has denied that he came to rape her, although he did try.

However, the accumulated evidence against him breaks his version. The autopsy has revealed that the young Zamora teacher - recently arrived in the province to make a substitute in a Nerva institute - was sexually assaulted and beaten to death, possibly during a beating for not submitting. Then, the confessed murderer tried to get rid of the corpse and the incriminating evidence.

Investigators have already found the purse and keys of the girl where the detainee pointed; they have also found a blanket with blood in the margin of the N-435 road, which crosses the Sierra de Huelva; and they have verified that in a room of the house of the aggressor - he lived in front of his victim - there are numerous remains of blood, although these tried to be eliminated with lye by the assassin.

According to the first hypothesis, and in the absence of contrasting all the evidence, Montoya attacked his victim at the door of his house sometime in the afternoon of last Wednesday, December 12. He took advantage of the fact that it is one of the least traveled streets of the town and he forced it into the interior of the house.

The signals from mobile phones put them both in that place that afternoon. There he sexually assaulted her, as determined by the autopsy, and against the confession of stopped. "I tried to rape her but, although she was unconscious, I could not," she told the agents in front of her lawyer at the Huelva headquarters, where she has been in the last days and from where she will be taken to court today.

Laura's body was upside down in a spot outside El Campillo, near the N-435, specifically at kilometer 166, one kilometer from where the blanket was recovered. The body alerted about 12.00 on Monday a volunteer who participated in the search, to find women's clothing. The Civil Guard found about 200 meters from the place where the clothes were found, the corpse, half hidden in an area of ​​embankment and bushes.


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