Bernado Salom, reelected president of the Federation of Boats - The Province

Bernado Salom, reelected president of the Federation of Boats - The Province

Bernardo Salom was re-elected on Monday afternoon president of the Federation of Vela Latina Canaria. The president was the only candidate who presented himself, so he will extend his stay as a patron of the vernacular sport for another four years.

The new board of directors is formed by Bernando Salom, President; Iván Cruz Ruano, vice president; Maqría del Pino Pérez Brissón, treasurer; Francisca Mesa Viera, Secretary; José Juan González Negrín, first vowel; Y David Betancor Medina, Moisés Farías Barrios, Iván Ramón Sosa Deniz Y María del Carmen Aragonese Arroyo, vowels.

The leader of the federation He thanked the support received during his inauguration. "Today we begin a new stage after a year and a half in the federation with new challenges, to thank the support of the presidents and the crew members and the whole family of the Latin sailing, and the institutions, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Government of Gran Canaria, and the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as well as the private sponsors that collaborate with this federation, "he said.

The objectives for this new journey are very clear, after he relieved Juan Santana as the leader of the federation, after his resignation, on March 3, 2017. "From the board of directors and from the human group we want to continue with the support and work in the school to recover skippers and new crews to the sport.I want to continue little by little taking this federation from the place where it was and put it where, by history and by being rooted in Canarian society, it deserves to be, " Salom


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