Bermud III, two tombs for a single king | Culture

The family of Bermudo III was a bit strange. If the monarch died -from 40 attacks launched by the armies of his brother-in-law, Count Fernando and his brother-in-law (brother of the previous one), the King of Navarre, Sancho Garcés-, his father, Alfonso V, did not leave behind him either. of August of 1028 the Leon monarch put fence to the Portuguese Viseu, and as it had heat (things of the summer) it took off the armor and it crossed to him the first enemy arrow that made target in its body. His disconsolate subjects took the body to León and buried him with Bermudo III's grandfather, Bermudo II. But the mess of kingdoms, kings, families, exchange of titles, violent deaths and wars leave room for doubt. Any thing is possible.

And is that Alfonso V, in addition to being the father of Bermudo III, also was Sancha. When her brother dies, she becomes queen and decides to marry the Castilian Count Garcia. Meanwhile, Sancho Garcés III, King of Navarre, offers to accompany Garcia (who was also his brother-in-law) to the capital of Leon and witness his wedding. Just in case, he is accompanied by an army, which camps on the outskirts of the city, since he did not trust his relatives. But Count Garcia decides, without entrusting himself to anyone, to go to the church of San Isidoro to talk with his girlfriend, Sancha. The children of Count Vela (anticastallanos) take advantage and kill him. The one who gives him the final sword, Rodrigo Vela, was also his godfather of baptism.

García was also buried in the Real Pantheon of San Isidoro. His epitafix is ​​a summary: "Here rests the Infante Don Garcia, who came to León to receive the royal title and was killed by the children of Count Vela."

As it is seen, Sancho Garcés III of Navarre was not greatly affected by the death of his brother-in-law, because he took the opportunity to marry his son Fernando (the one who had killed Bermudo III) with Sancha, the widow before getting married. In addition, since Garcia was until his death the Count of Castile, Sancho Garcés asked for his wife, Muniadona, the government of Castile (it must also be the family of the late Garcia), which after obtaining it he gave it to his son Fernando, who He became monarch of Castile because the horse of Bermudo III ran a lot and the king of León by alcove. A family of care.


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