Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

Berlusconi | TV | THE COUNTRY

Two series of two powerful characters united by the arrogance and sexual scandals coincide in Movistar's offer: Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News (The loudest voice) and Silvio Berlusconi (Silvio (and the others). We assume that some script about the tycoon is already being created Jeffrey Epstein, killed last Saturday in his cell from the high security prison awaiting trial for sexually exploiting dozens of girls. Power, money and sex, the revalued triad of the 21st century.

In the case of Paolo Sorrentino's miniseries, the platform warns that 54 minutes have been recovered on the feature film released last year. A recovery that justifies its issuance in two chapters and significantly damages the final result after a very long introduction to the character, without his presence, which shows the atmosphere of endless parties full of beautiful young people and promoted by a careerist who wants to access to il cavaliere To expand your business.

The second chapter is much more interesting but always with that aftertaste for the symbolism and the sophisticated staging of Sorrentino that probably surprises and distance at the same time. Toni Servillo is the absolute protagonist among a plethora of flatterers who naturally use praise to profit. Sorrentino draws a profile of the protagonist based on his obsession with sex, his clumsiness in the face of catastrophes such as the earthquake in L'Aquila and his useless attempt to recover his second wife, tired of her husband's infidelities. The long crossing of accusations between Verónica Lario and Berlusconi, when she announces her intention to divorce is, without a doubt, one of the brightest moments of the remarkable series.

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