"Benzema's race with France is over" | sports

"Benzema's race with France is over" | sports

Benzema has closed another door in his aspirations to return to wear the shirt of the French team. The president of the Football Federation of the country, Noël Le Graët, on Wednesday gave a slam to a possible return of the Madrid striker to the team led by Didier Deschamps, just when next November marks three years since he was separated from the national team for his imputation in the case of sexual blackmail to his ex-partner Matthieu Valbuena.

"I have nothing against Karim, he has always behaved very well on the team. But I think his career with Les Bleus is over, "sentenced the 77-year-old veteran leader in an interview with the local newspaper Ouest France, on the eve of the friendly match that faces the world champion against Iceland on Thursday.

Le Graët justifies his opinion of ending the career of the second best French striker in active duty (27 goals in 81 international competitions, behind Olivier Giroud, who has 32 goals) for his tangled judicial situation and his current bad form. "The Valbuena case suffered a new episode last week, but it is not over yet. Do you realize that we have been talking about it for three years now? He should have been judged much faster, because he screwed us a lot, "the French president lamented, before highlighting" the physical downturn for some time "of the 30-year-old, who scored five goals with Real Madrid in the that goes of season. Benzema's response has been rapid and forceful. "I ask you to forget me and leave me alone, please. France is world champion and is the essential, the rest is only futility. Thank you, "he has written on his Twitter profile.

Last Thursday, the Court of Appeal of Paris announced that it will announce on November 8 its decision on whether or not to cancel the investigation that weighs against Karim Benzema for a supposed police embezzlement during the initial wiretaps, and that has led him to be imputed for "complicity of attempted blackmail and participation in a meeting between criminals". If he does not believe the allegations of the player's legal advisors, the Valbuena case could be transferred to the Cassation court of the French capital and extend for a few months until it is resolved, something that would further alienate a hypothetical return of Benzema with Les Bleus.

The Real Madrid striker was separated from the Didier Deschamps team at the end of 2015 after Matthieu Valbuena, his former teammate, accused him in the newspaper Le Monde of having tried to extort him with three other accomplices so that they would not broadcast an intimate video in which he saw the current player of the Turkish Fenerbahce, at 34, having sex with a woman.

The following year, Benzema missed the European Championship of France when he was not summoned by the coach, who alleged a sports incompatibility with his judicial situation to justify the decision to do without him. "Deschamps has folded to a racist part of France," he reproached the player himself in full Eurocopa, in an interview published in the newspaper Brand in which he showed his great frustration at having been left out of a team in which the Atletico Antoine Griezmann, the new Les Bleus and one of the candidates to be elected winner of the Golden Ball next December. Two years later, Deschamps repeated his sentence by not including Karim Benzema in the list of players who played and ended up winning the Russian World Cup last summer, with Mbappé and Griezmann as leading players in the front.

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