Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Benzema approves the casting

Benzema aprueba el casting

Benzema has approved the casting of Zidane. The Forward French, at 31 years old and in his tenth season in the club, has finally managed to overcome all resistances and has become not only essential, but the star of the staff, the only one that Cristiano's departure has Improved in a remarkable way

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Pited so many times by the public of the Bernabeu, shaken by criticism, accused of being indolent and feeling little about the shirt (the biggest sin in a club that always rewarded more sweat than talent), belittled by Mourinho ("If the dog is not there, I'll have to go hunting with the cat "), marginalized by his selection due to Valbuena affair, Benzema lives a kind of recognition that until now had only been granted by his president: Florentino Pérez, who always trusted him to the point of being the only signing by which He personally moved to his house in Lyon to hire him.

Applause between a sea of ​​whistles

In the midst of the troubles and the anxiety of a match as mediocre as the one that served Madrid to beat Eibar Benzema yesterday he lived his particular party. He concentrated the spotlight (the focus), which Santi Solari would have said. He scored the two goals, he canceled two others, missed a couple of chances, fought more than ever and finished his recital with a shot to the post. On an afternoon when the Bernabeu whistled wildly at his own, he took all the applause and the animated crowd ended up chanting again and again "Benzema is our nine, Benzema is our nine".

Then, the praises to Benzema moved to the press room and the mixed zone. "I'm happy for him because I think he's going through a good season, I think the best of his career," said a smiling Zidane, one of the few accomplices of the striker inside the club. A rookie like Reguilón expressed the sentiment of the squad: "He's in a state of spectacular form. It has a great success in the face of the goal and hopefully continue for many years. He plays the team as he wants. "

Benzema has 26 goals and 7 assists this season

The other footballer to leave, Fede Valverde, praised other aspects of the French: "He is a very big player, he shows it day by day and not only in games. How he works in training, what a good teammate he is ... We must also thank him for the defensive part because, besides scoring goals, he helps in defense. "

Benzema's numbers reflect his importance in the team. He has scored 26 goals (17 in the league), and seven assists. He already has seven doubles, on the way to his best record, the 32 goals he scored in total in season 11-12, in which the team beat all the scoring marks in the league he won with Mourinho.

With a contract until 2021, the idea of ​​the club is to keep him as a starter and look for a companion as second striker. This season Mariano has not worked. Against Eibar he was not called. The poor performance of Mariano has forced Benzema to play everything: 48 games, including 31 league. 3868 minutes A situation that the club wants to stop in summer. It is not convenient to squeeze Benzema so much.

Benzema receives congratulations from Asensio after scoring the winning goal against Eibar

Benzema receives congratulations from Asensio after scoring the winning goal against Eibar
(Paul White / AP)

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