April 13, 2021

Benzema and misunderstandings | sports

Benzema and misunderstandings | sports

The strength of nostalgia. The Copa del Rey keeps an amateur nostalgia, as if the commercialization of football had not yet contaminated it. It's just a perception, but I want to believe it. There is talk of what will happen to play a single game in the field of the weakest team and it seems good, because it would strengthen the excitement and allow a greater rest of the players. I would go further. No VAR, no advertising on the shirts and even black boots. The secret of football, in my view, is precisely in its ability to satisfy the animal back room that exists in all of us. Far from modernizing it, I would continue to cultivate its quality of primitive and exaggeratedly human play, the basis of its success. As this theory is rejected by the deep-sea sharks that are taking over the game, at least survive a competition that reminds us of where we came from before football goes astray forever.

The force of controversy. Spanish football, a world example, has matured faster than public opinion. The morbid attraction of the controversies is to blame. Arbitral errors have become irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy that attacks the interests of our team. The last injured understands that the previous mistakes that benefited him were to disguise the one that has just been committed, which is unforgivable and highly suspect. It's just that the game was fantastic or deplorable, that the players were right or wrong, everything is buried under that pile of arbitral shit. To paraphrase, and soccer, to Sebastian Haffner: "We are not fools for lack of intelligence but for excess of feelings". That in Spain, which enjoys one of the most brilliant periods of its football history, let's give the rattle with this theme explains, in effect, how far the emotional idiocy can go.

Cat, but angora. Although it seems incredible, the blow of optimism that this article needs is called Benzema. A man accustomed to living between whistles and applause for a kind of misunderstanding. Madrid bought it at Olympique de Lyon, when he had 10 on his back and, nevertheless, he was a pigeon of Ronaldo (the Brazilian) for power and talent. Given this suspicion, Madrid received him with number 9, but Karim's game acquired a Zidanean softness. So it is a nine for which the goal is not everything: a ten camouflaged. For many years the only eulogy he received, as an almsgiving, was: "His game suits Cristiano well." Today, Cristiano's widower, playing like the gods and at the peak of his career, leaves us with a question to continue with the misunderstandings: did Ronaldo suit him?

South Korean of Villa Fiorito. Kang In Lee, without having turned 18, burst into the Valencia with the daring of a child and the personality of a man. Lefty closed, with good vision of game, a military discipline for obligations and a wide range of football: accurate in the pass, imaginative in the dribble, brazen in the shot … Do not ask for permission for anything because it has the two bravery required by the great soccer: the one of putting the leg and the one of asking for the ball. Against Getafe, Marcelino put it when the match burned and Valencia needed two goals to qualify, an indisputable gesture of confidence. Lee knew how to reconcile the urgency with the precision, the lateral game with the deep one, and actively participated in the two goals that his team lacked in order for the field to collapse. If they told me that this South Korean was born in Villa Fiorito (the neighborhood of Maradona), I would have believed it.

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