Benito Zambrano rolls in Guide

Benito Zambrano rolls in Guide |

Benito Zambrano rolls in Guide |

The team of the film Lemon Bread with Poppy Seeds, the new feature film by Andalusian director Benito Zambrano (Outdoor, Sleeping Voice, Havana Blues, Solas …), has been on the island of Gran since last weekend Canaria, where they will start filming new scenes from tomorrow in the municipality of Santa María de Guía.

The Old College of the Salesianos becomes a movie set for the filming of different sequences that emulate a Hospital de Médico sin Fronteras, set in Africa, where the protagonist of the plot, Marina, works, played by the actress Elia Galera. The film crew will continue to shoot in this old building until next Saturday, January 23, so the Guide City Council alerts the population that in this period of time the section of Avenida de la Mancomunidad will be closed to road traffic del Norte from the Crossroads of the Watchtower to the Market roundabout, from 8.15 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., on the occasion of filming. The entrance to the city center for light vehicles will remain open in the San Sebastián area and public transport will not be affected by these closure measures.

The old educational center will emulate a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Africa


The calendar of Lemon bread with poppy seeds includes a total stay of two weeks of filming in Gran Canaria, which, after passing through Guía, will visit other municipalities in the north of the island, such as Arucas, along with others located to the south , like Fataga, according to sources close to the production. Before landing on the island, the film was filmed for eight weeks in Mallorca, specifically, in the town of Valldemossa, located in the interior of the island, which was an important economic injection for this Mallorcan town.

Benito Zambrano rolls in Guide

Once this section of the filming was completed, the team led by Zambrano arrived in Gran Canaria since last week to close the different locations of the film on the island, where they have the support of the Gran Canaria Film Commission and the Gran Canaria company of Macaronesia Films services.

Along with Elia Galera, the cast includes actresses and actors Eva Martín, Mariona Pagès, Marilú Marini, Tommy Schlesser, Claudia Faci and Pere Arquillué. Produced by Filmax in co-production with Luxembourg’s Deal Productions, the film is an adaptation of the homonymous best-seller by Cristina Campos, which in turn has the participation of Radiotelevisión Española, Movistar + and TV3, as well as the support of the Instituto de la Cinematografía and the Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) and the Luxembourg Film Fund.

The team will stay on the island for two weeks and will film in Arucas and Fataga

The plot tells the story of two sisters, Anna (Eva Martín) and Marina (Elia Galera), separated in their teens, “who meet again to sell a bakery that they have inherited from a mysterious woman. The sisters are two women with very different lives: Anna has barely left the island and is still married to a man she no longer loves; while Marina travels the world working as a doctor for an NGO, but both will try to unearth the secrets of her enigmatic inheritance and deal with family conflicts, as well as make up for lost time ”.

“This is a story of growth, of overcoming, of healing wounds, of mature and intelligent women vindicating themselves and, above all, it is a story of love and tenderness”, declared Zambrano in Mallorca, where the filming, like the one It will undertake in Gran Canaria, it has complied with all the measures against Covid-19, such as carrying out PCR on all the equipment, safety distance, disinfection, use of a mask and the creation of bubble groups.

Above these lines, an image of the filming of ‘Lemon bread with poppy seeds’, in the Mallorcan town of Valldemossa, where the team filmed for eight weeks. Below, from left to right, Elia Galera, Lucía Valdverde (assistant director) and Tommy Schlesser, in Gran Canaria, last Friday. |


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