December 3, 2020

Benito Ramírez appeals to ‘Vicentazo’

Benito Ramírez appeals to the 'Vicentazo'

Benito Ramírez appeals to ‘Vicentazo’

Benito Ramírez appeals to the ‘Vicentazo’

Benito Ramírez, Vicente Gómez and a magical link to conquer Mount Teide. The yellow cable car of dreams The end of La Aldea – headline on Sunday against the Tenerife team in Gran Canaria and from 9:00 p.m. – evokes the ‘Vicentazo’. His best memory of a Canarian classic was lived as a spectator in Siete Palmas. Vicente Gómez’s goal (89th minute in the last win in 2014) filled his heart. He was moved by a frame that encourages a wardrobe ready for the big battle.

He rejects playing as blue and white, even if they offered him a succulent bonus of one million euros. It was not Rubén’s ‘we have to sink Tenerife’ or Lobera’s ‘if Las Palmas played like Tenerife would whistle us’, but the villager’s declaration of intent is a drop of water in the dialectical desert of derbies. “I would not play for Tenerife. I am a villager, I just renewed three more years in the club of my life. The one I feel from the heart. It is my shield ”.

The 25-year-old winger – he was 19 when Vicente scored – arrives in a great moment of form. He has never beaten Tenerife. “I remember a game in Gran Canaria [2014]and. We won (1-0) with a goal from Vicente with a header. I was in the stands, like one more yellow, and it was super nice. The packed stadium was an explosion of joy; it is with the memory that I stay ”.

It is the derby of silence. Without the breath of the yellow tide, Benito assures that they are in debt to the fans. Social media is the thermometer. “We try to reach people. Rejoice them in these tough times. They make us see that they are with us and that they are going to death. In the end, it creates a very good aura with the squad ”.

The attacker from La Aldea argues that the house is compromised to the maximum. Parsimony is not tolerated. “Most of the costumes are from the Canary Islands and we are prepared. Let the hunger be noticed ”.

The Gran Canaria responds to the Tenerife captain, who revealed at a press conference that he had to “inject into the blue and white the importance of a derby.” “Suso may have to plug in his companions because there are not many canaries, here we are 70% and we already have it in the blood. We will go out to bite; We will prove it ”, he emphasizes with faith.

He denies that his disappearance from eleven is due to the delay in its renewal. “They said he wasn’t playing because he hadn’t renewed; is a lie”. The keys to knock down ‘Tete’ are tattooed on the chest: “Squeeze, be intense, hunger … Go back to the essence.”

From India

Vicente Gómez – now in the ranks of the Kerala Blasters of the Indian Super League – demands that his ton of glory be forgotten on Sunday. “My goal remains in the limelight, it seems great to me. One of the most beautiful of my life. The derby, in 90 ‘… He had scored two goals against Zaragoza and it came at a delicate moment. In the end, it was a dream. Like a film frame. Then the Cordoba thing happened. It was a shame. But I will never forget it. I hope UD wins 1-0 and scores a canary ”.

From The Village to India. A magical connection to end a six-year drought. On Sunday, the Teide ogre returns to the Siete Palmas parthenon. From Vicente to Benito. Marking the eternal rival makes you history. The relay arrives.


Tenerife striker from Madrid, Fran Sol, emphasizes that beating UD at Gran Canaria is “a very good and much desired boost of morale. We need to get two good matches on track and with victory. It is necessary that the fans receive what they are demanding of us ”. It resorts to the topic of the great relevance of the classic of 15-N. “A derby is a final. They have one more point but, as soon as the referee whistles, there will be no favorites. The one who is smarter, has the coolest head and knows how to take better advantage of opportunities will win. Sol warns that UD has “high quality players, with experience at the back and they form a team with a very good balance. They will be difficult to win, but we have our strengths ”. Provides another key: “Keeping a clean sheet, can count for goal difference.” | Efe


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