June 24, 2021

Benedict XVI joins the opposition to Francisco and presses him publicly so that he does not order married priests

Reality surpasses fiction. ‘The two Popes’, the two churches, seem more real today than ever. Ratzinger joins the opposition to Francisco. The Pope emeritus, who almost gave up the Papacy almost seven years ago and promised to remain silent and be faithful to his successor, breaks his promise and presses publicly so that Francis does not validate one of the measures approved by the recent Amazon Synod: the ordination of married priests.

Benedict XVI thus joins the ultraconservative block, led by cardinals like Sarah, Muller, Burke or Rouco Varela. In fact, the opposition to optional celibacy is explained in a book written with four hands next to the Ghanaian cardinal, still prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. “We can’t shut up,” they both say in ‘From the Deep of Our Heart’, which on Wednesday Fayard will publish in France and some of whose extracts have been published by Figaró.

Both admit that the origin of the publication is in the Synod of the Amazon. Thus, they point out that “in recent months, as the world has been resonating with the uproar created by a strange media synod that has prevailed over the royal synod, we have met, we have met”

In these meetings, held without informing Bergoglio, “we exchange ideas and concerns. We pray and meditate in silence. Each of our meetings comforted and reassured us mutually. ” And they went further: “Ours took us to exchange letters. The similarity of our concerns and the convergence of our conclusions decided us to make the fruit of our work and our spiritual friendship available to all the faithful. ”

“I believe that celibacy (of the priests) has great significance and is indispensable for our journey to God to remain the basis of our life,” Benedict XVI writes in the book.

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