Beltrán responds to Chivite that “Sánchez agreed with the PNV the expulsion of the Civil Guard, not the Government of Navarra”

In a statement, Beltrán has considered “a nonsense” the intervention of María Chivite at the Breakfasts of Europa Press in Madrid, where, in the opinion of the ‘popular’ leader, “the only thing the head of the Regional Executive has done is to try to justify seven months of continuous assignment to exclusive nationalism to keep his chair in the presidency. “

In that sense, the president of the ‘popular’ Navarre has indicated that the cession of the Traffic competition, which “in practice is the first step for the expulsion of the Civil Guard of Navarra”, “was not a request made, not even raised by his government. ” “Neither his party has expressed a great interest in materializing this transfer,” said Beltrán, who added that “all the springs are launched when it is the PNV who demands this new assignment to Pedro Sánchez, in exchange for making him president” .

The transfer of Traffic to the Government of Navarra “is not another competition”. “It is a first step to realize a fundamental objective of nationalism such as getting the Civil Guard, which is and has been a guarantor of democratic freedoms in Navarra, to have to abandon it and thus assign an important space to nationalism, “he said.

Beltrán has also branded “unfortunate” Chivite’s assessments of his preferences between Navarra Suma and Bildu. “Manifestar, as Chivite has done, who prefers to collaborate with Bildu, a party that refuses to condemn ETA violence and crimes, to work with Navarra Suma, the only thing that indicates is that the president has abandoned the path of constitutionalism” , has exposed.

“Chivite must know that Navarra Suma and the Navarrese constitutionalists are not the manipulators; it is Chivite who tries to alter reality,” said Beltrán, who has criticized that the regional government did not go to a tribute to victims of ETA “and when he asked them why they were absent, they said it was not to twitch. “

“That is the way that the Government of Chivite has of understanding the coexistence in Navarra,” said the president of the Navarrese PP, while asking “who did not want to tear with his absence?”

The Government of Navarra “has been built outside the will of the Navarrese” and “it is precisely the manifestations of Chivite that best demonstrate that there is a lack of meaning between those that the Government does and the Navarrese need.” “The Popular Party and Navarra Suma also want a government that works for what Navarrese really cares about, that offers alternatives for the future and with the capacity to promote a better situation for all Navarre people,” said Beltrán.


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