Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

BeLocal, the App that connects consumers and local commerce – La Provincia

BeLocal, the App that connects consumers and local commerce - La Provincia

2 years ago, 5 professionals led byAlberto Benito, they decided to leave everything and, based in Las Palmas, to focus on a project with a social fund that would support the small neighborhood trade. This is how theBeLocal app. "We carried out various market studies, which showed the preference of the Spaniards for small neighborhood commerce, it was a sector without resources to develop its own technological platform," says Alberto de Benito.

This idea, together with the growing importance of the mobile, as well as the greater awareness in the society of sustainable consumption, led them to create BeLocal, an APP that would connect consumers and potential users with businesses. "We detected in more than 250 interviews and meetings with local merchants, that the small business needed not only a" click and collect "that generated orders with a personalized treatment, but a simple free digitization tool

BeLocal App

BeLocal is a mobile application for Android and Apple, withmore than 50 shopsalready in Las Palmas andmore than 700 productsthat can be reserved. These shops have a natural, artisan, local, and close approach with unique products made in the Canary Islands. It is a Platform thatconnects shops and nearby customers, geolocating the shops and their products, and facilitate the purchase to their regular customers

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