July 25, 2021

Beln Esteban goes partying with Doa Letizia – La Provincia

Beln Esteban goes partying with Doa Letizia - La Provincia

Many know it as the"princess of the people"and its presence in events of all kinds is usually very common. But there is a party in whichBethlehem Esteban He is always very close to the Kings. The collaborator ofSave meHe was one of the well-known faces that came as guests to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of La Razón, an event in which he had already coincided with Mrs. Letizia in 2013. Two "face to face" princesses who then greeted each other with an effusive squeeze of hands and a "Hello Bethlehem" that ran rivers of ink during the following months.

Last week Belén Esteban surprised the audience of her program with a birthday greeting to Reina Sofía: "I like her a lot and I like her a lot so I want to congratulate her publicly," Esteban said. But Paracuellos went further and even wanted to invite Sofia to a café in Greece. "Whenever I come to Paracuellos to my house, we have a terrace where we can have a coffee and chat for a while"

On this occasion, the focus of attention wasin the companion of Belén Estebansince the collaborator did not go to the party accompanied by her fiancé even though it was not just any night. "I come with my godfather," he clarified at the entrance. His partner in the event was Raúl Prieto who was his director in Sálvame and who is joined by a great friendship that has led him to become his best man.

To the event of the 20th anniversary of La Razón attended by Belén Esteban andRaúl Prietonot only the Kings came. There were also well-known faces of television and politicians, such as the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the spokesperson for Ciudadanos in Madrid City Hall.


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