Beln Esteban alerts Paula Echevarra to her friends - La Provincia

Paula Echevarría visited the program Risto Mejide, Everything is a lie, where he was honest about his relationship with the press of the heart, assuring that maintains a good relationship and that behind the camera he tries to make the work as easy as possible. However, when you have seen the images in Save Me, Belén Esteban wanted to send you a message.

"Be careful with your friends", has declared Belén Esteban from the set addressing Paula Echevarría, confessing that: "When the news came out that you were going to marry Miguel, be careful, because that came from a friend of yours".

Diego Arrabal has tried that the collaborator reveals the name, nevertheless the Esteban has refused. Diego has said that Paula has a group of friends who are called The Pencas and Bethlehem has not confirmed or denied that the news has left this group.

"Do not trust because she has been a friend of yours, from your circle", has settled the issue of Bethlehem, which has been ignored during the program this afternoon.


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