April 18, 2021

Belmonte prepares on the Island – The Province

Belmonte prepares on the Island - The Province

The Spanish swimming team faces its first international competition this year on February 16 and 17 at the Meeting of Titan, which is held in San Marine. The Catalan swimmer Mireia Belmonte, four times Olympic medalist, prepares the appointment at the Metropole Swimming Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Until next Saturday there will be in Gran Canaria eight swimmers that make up the Spanish National Team that performs a stage on the island, training at the Metropole, in morning and afternoon sessions. The prestigious technicians Frederic Vergnoux and Caty Arasa are those who lead these days of work in which the metropolist Raúl Santiago participates. Belmonte is the star of this selection that has chosen to prepare the next competitions on the Island. Pol Gil, Alberto Martinez, Jimena Perez, Paula Ruiz, Marina Castro and Madeleine Gough are the other swimmers who are training at the Metropole and the Macrofit Gymnasium, since the metropolitan facilities are under construction. The Metropole's first coach, Rodolfo Martín, is in charge of facilitating the work of the national team.

Belmonte continues his preparation after recovering from his ankle injury that kept her out of the competition for seven months. Its reappearance was the past January in the Championship of Catalonia where it was third in the 1,500 with a time of 17.00: 47. After her first contact with the competicón after her break, the swimmer is spending a few days in Gran Canaria to train at the CN Metropole and arrive in form at the Meeting of Titano.

It will be the second for Belmonte of the first level, after the Campeontato de Catalunya that was played from January 17 to 20. Of course, the goal remains the same: continue to pick up the rhythm of competition in full concentration time to polish the way ahead of the Spring Open, which will be held from 6 to 10 April.

In San Marino Belmonte will face a program loaded for two days of competition, although similar to the usual for a swimmer of his level. The first day will swim the 400 meters and the 800 meters free, while the second will swim the 200 meters and the 1,500 meters free, the 200 butterfly and the 400 styles.


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