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I am in a rare generational situation. By year of birth, 1988, I am millennial, but I have already turned 30. So, for the rest of millennialsI'm old A viejennial. But it's not so bad: I'm going to take advantage of my condition as an old man millennial to count nostalgic battles Come, young people, sit around Instagram, I'll tell you a story ...

A long time ago, before there was in Spain Netflix or HBO (and not even DTT), there was only one way to see series that had not reached the television: download them. Now it also sounds strange to me. I have not downloaded anything for years, and if I had to look for subtitles that fit a downloaded chapter I would not know where to start. We used to be Emule and Torrent gurus.

Downloading a series was a process that made you believe hacker: you had to look seeds -Fuentes-, put them on your Torrent server, wait a thousand years (year above, year below) to download, look for some subtitles, insert them in the video, configure them to match the voices ... I had so much work that, In my town, we all knew the name of the person who could pass a certain series to save you time: Seinfield It was from Pablo, Samurai Champloo, of Javi ... And it's not to hesitate, but if you wanted to see NarutoIt was me you had to look for.

Video on demand platforms have not only made life easier (and legal), but have democratized consumption. My parents still do not know what "the seeds of a Torrent ", but they are handled on Netflix just as well as a millennial. The good thing is that they no longer ask me to download them. The bad thing is to go to Netflix and find the following message: "There are too many users using this account". It's my mother, who's watching The house of flowers.


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