Belén Toimil’s applauded response to racist comments about Mohamed Katir

There is no room for him racism on a running track. Bethlehem ToimiHe stepped out of the comments from former national record holder Isaac Vicious about the Mohamed Katir marks pulling fine sarcasm but with a clear message: #NoAlRacism.

The Galician pitcher, who this season has beaten the national weight record in force for 25 years several times, ironized in Twitter -errata included- if your “Castilian” surnames made him enjoy a presumption of innocence about doping.

The mugardesa has been one of the few members of the Spanish Olympic team defending their teammate, with whom they will fight for a good performance in the Games that start this Friday. A gesture that would be added Saúl Ordóñez, the national record holder in 800 meters or the European champion of 20km march Álvaro Martín Uriol.

I would also tweet the Secretary of State for Sports, Jose Manuel Franco, betting on a sport that “promotes spaces of tolerance, equality, inclusion and coexistence”. The message would be shared by the brand new Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta.

Katir’s response came through her profile of Instagram. The athlete narrates that his surname is in honor of his grandfather, Mailud Katir, which he qualifies as “your example to follow”. As he relates, his grandfather he had to work since he was 5 years old and because of the war and other hardships never had a simple life. “Now you can put together all the old school that there is no comparison with this man”, adds in allusion the previous record man.

“I have apologized to Mo Katir for the damage that my words have done. I hope to see you in the future and give you a hug “

For his part, Isaac Viciosa shared this same Sunday a An apology letter in I am a Corridor. The athlete from Palencia showed regretful for the interview statements, regretting having distracted Katir in her preparation for the Olympic Games.

“The first thing I did was send a message to Mo Katir apologizing for my statements and for what could have made him feel bad ” she comments, expressing her desire to meet him in person soon and “give him a hug.”

Vicious narrates as the “migration phenomenon “ is very present in his family, being married his siblings with people of Portuguese or Ecuadorian nationality. In addition, he relates with emotion his training sessions with various Moroccan athletes, with whom he would come to share prayers.


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