Belén Esteban is excited to receive a detail that Mila Ximénez left for her

The memory of Mila Ximénez continues to be very present on the set of ‘Save me‘, renamed with his name. This Saturday the name of the collaborator who died a few weeks ago sounded live again after Kiko Hernández and Belén Esteban received very special details.

I want to say something that has happened to us in very exciting advertising“The gathering began by saying, explaining that a friend had brought them some gifts from his friend:” He has left me a painting. I’ll put it next to my bed. I already have you with me again, “Hernández commented excitedly.

“If we continue to remember her, how can we not remember?”commented the presenter, who made a “very personal confession”: “I’m dreading the summer. I think that when we stop, for those of us who are on vacation, it will be when the body tells us ‘plas’. “Yes, our work is saving us,” Hernández acknowledged.

Belén Esteban he would burst into tears and tell the audience what Mila had given him: “He left me a handkerchief. I already knew it because I had spoken with the family. “” It is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life, the presence of Mila Ximénez. I dream about her many times. There are times that his voice comes to mind. His laugh comes to me “, he commented Jorge Javier, who added: “We have spent a good little time remembering you Mila,” he assured her.


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