Bejo premieres at the Womad festival – La Provincia

Bejo premieres at the Womad festival - La Provincia

The phenomenon Bejo, Accompanied by DJ Pimp and its dismasted rhymes head the Canarian participation with which Womad Las Palmas of Gran Canaria 2018 completes its musical proposal for this edition, a polyhedral poster of local artists conformed by the experimental folk of Ida Susal, the cathartic pop of Raquel Amegashie, the vivacious sound of Radio Baifa and the dark rock of Château Rouge, according to the organization of the festival.

The participation of the Canarian bands in Womad has been a constant since the first edition of the Festival in 1993. Around the hundred of artists have passed through the stages of the festival on the island of Gran Canaria. The Coquillos, Non Trubada, Benito Cabrera, Domingo Rodríguez The Colorao, José Antonio Ramos, The Gofiones, I wish Muchá, Mariví Cabo, The Birkins, Germán López, The Good Company, Oscartienealas, Aristides Moreno or Papaya.

Charisma and talent are two fundamental elements that characterize Bejo and his work. He has been one of the most important figures of this 2018 in his field and style, embodying the growing weight of the original sound of the Canarian archipelago. Enjoying an innate islander self-confidence, it develops between baroque rhymes, twisted alliterations and dismasted aesthetics. His personal way of rapping, his playful and parsimonious rhymes, his juggling with words, his flow vacilón and his peculiar image have turned him step by step into one of those artists that, from Spotify, YouTube and the free download, has been raising a small tower with a solid base. The mc canario avoids topics and avoids the most obvious fashions.

To finish understanding the Bejo phenomenon, the guarantees for the live show that it prepares fall in the hands of Dj Pimp, who has in his curriculum with 4 titles of the DMC Spain and participation in the national final of Red Bull Thre3Style 2013. This combination of characters has led them to be part of festival posters such as Sonar, FIB, South Pyrenees, Carpediem Festival, Barcelona BAM, Monkey Week or Arrecife en Vivo, as well as a small tour of Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Ida Susal is the musical project that since 2010 frames the songs of Julia Botanz Guimerá. His repertoire, of rhythms and styles that connect with root music of very varied origin and anchor it to the present time, make the body and emotions dance. Historias always sincere, intimate or collective, that invite to open hearts at the same time as ears. Ida Susal is the audience, because she manages to make him the main actor in her concerts; a collective energetic work that gives meaning and proper name to each one of its musical performances.

Raquel Amegashie is a singer, composer and actress of Spanish and Liberian descent raised in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He has developed his artistic career in stages throughout Spain combining mainly theater with music. In 2010 he created his own musical project together with Edu Urquiza and since 2015 he continues his solo career, collaborating with artists like Nayaband, Cris Schmelzer or Lean Bravo. Pop-soul "cathartic, elegant sounds with touches of bad milk", as she defines it. He currently resides in both the Canary Islands and Madrid, where he combines his musical career with acting in theater, film and television.

Eight long-distance musicians in bands from the local scene of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria formed in 2015 Radio Baifa, multicolored crucible in which eight different ways of understanding music converge, which, surprisingly, are totally compatible with each other. From that combination emerges a hybrid, eclectic sound, halfway between folk, rock, partying cumbia or jazz that, being all that, turns out not to be. Radio Baifa offers an energetic, vivacious live performance, with echoes of the old Latin bands held in a powerful metal section and with lyrics that exude joy and hope. A Womad arrive with their first album, Radio Baifa (2018).

Château Rouge It is defined as a group of experimental southernrock that tries to bring a reminiscence of the Cajun mestizo music of New Orleans to the scene of the original music made in the Canaries. Influences of four members who, within their own personal sphere, get their own style covered with neotraditional nuances of country and American folk ending in a dark and swampy homegrown rock. Heartbreaking cries, slides, dobro, distorted guitars, juicy bass lines and seventies drum rhythms are some of the elements that intermingle to offer a risky, fresh and new artistic project. Its four members are armed of value in each concert to demonstrate that there are ambitious projects within the regional landscape.

The WOMAD Festival is organized by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and directed and produced by WOMAD, DD & Company Producciones y Promoción Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and has the sponsorship of Pepsi Max, Cerveza Tropical, OPCSA Canarian and Global Port Operations and the collaboration of Integral Security Canaria, Cicar, CEAR, Casa África, CAAM, RTVE and Radio3.


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