Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

"Being a woman subtracts and that's something we have to change"

Cristina Villanueva: “Ser mujer resta y eso es algo que tenemos que cambiar”

It's been a while since something has clicked on women's minds. In different parts of the world, it has been seen how the Me Too stood and pointed the finger at the sexual abusers, being Harvey Weinstein the first to blow up this great melon. But the sorority It has gone beyond. In Spain, as in other countries of the world, was reflected on March 8, 2018, International Women's Day and also the date on which the first feminist strike in the country took place, which has been repeated once more this 2019. The women joined their hands and shouted in unison: 'enough!' It's enough for abuses, 'herds', the wage gap, stereotypes and fear. Between many other things.

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"Feminism does not understand politics, so it unites us all. We all go to one, and that is why it is so powerful and what many are afraid of. Fear that we shake the established foundations, which have long been staggering on their own, "he explains. Cristina Villanueva. The journalist talks about all these issues in her book 'Unfolding Candles' and makes a joint reflection together with relevant women from the culture, sports, science and politics of our country.

Feminism does not understand politics "

"I was looking for references of very masculinized worlds, in which they will have a hard time leaving a mark because, in a certain way, they veto them […] That is why I have spoken with Zaida Quarry, to try to better understand the complex world of the army; with Laia Sanz, with whom I was very clear that I wanted to talk because it is not easy to stand out in the sports field; with Iciar Bollaín, one of the few filmmakers in our country who has managed to gain a foothold at the top; or with María Blasco, that has been proposed to dismantle the stereotypes of the scientists from within ".

Part of their lines are dedicated to personal experiences. Some more unpleasant than others. In one of his chapters, he acknowledges having gone through an episode that his mind preferred to forget. I was 13 years old and I was wearing a top. He waited for his mother in the car and had the window ajar when a man approached her and touched her breasts. "I got really scared, but my mind deleted it. She has not returned to me until I was 40 and a friend told us to tell about machista experiences we had gone through. I fell into this and, then yes, I understood that it was a sexual assault. Since then I have not put on a top again. In addition, I do not know if it was something of the subconscious or that, but it coincided that then my hippy era started and I wore wider clothes ".

I was very scared, but my mind erased it. He has not returned to me until I turned 40 "

Villanueva recognizes that, when he began to write, he felt a certain amount of trouble. "He often asked me who I was to bring a book to the world." It is what is known as the Imposter syndrome, as she explains among its pages. "It is not something that we suffer exclusively for ourselves, but it is true that statistics indicate that it tends to fall more often on women. "It has to do with how they have educated us, because they expect a lot from us and there are more stereotypes that revolve around the woman who surrounds men".

In their conversations, interviewed and interviewer come to a conclusion: "being a woman subtracts. And everything that comes with it too. Being a mother subtracts, like being pretty, ugly or smart. This is what we have to change ", denounces the journalist, who on motherhood adds:" being a mother subtracts, but should add. For the juggling you do with schedules, for being aware of everything at all times, for cultivating patience, which is also important in labor relations. Negotiating with a child is the hardest thing in the world. There are many things that are learned from maternity exercise, which should add to the world of work and, unfortunately, subtract.

Much is expected of us and there are more stereotypes that revolve around the woman who surrounds the man "

Villanueva explains his own experience and wonders why the darkest part of the maternity. "They always explain to us the pretty face, but they forget to tell us that there is also a B face. That, in the long run, can lead many women to frustration or postpartum depressions. Much we would avoid if we stopped doing it a taboo ".

But if the journalist wants anything, it is to encourage readers, of whatever gender, to join the fourth wave of feminism. "It's everyone's business. We can not deny it, nor can we stop being feminists. We have no other alternative. It is the only personal path of women's daily life. "

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