June 17, 2021

Being a smart guy only works on TV | TV

In The Movies That Made Us, Netflix discovers the background of the last nostalgia reserves and tells how some milestones of the popular cinema of the eighties were made and triumphed, as Dirty Dancing or Home alone, films that were shot against the skepticism of many producers, who proved to have better criteria than the public who went to see them. What a pity that the tenacity of its creators triumphed.

In the chapter dedicated to Crystal jungle They tell how they hired Bruce Willis after about twenty star stars said no because they thought the paper was ridiculous. Willis was a TV star in Moonlight, and changing the image of gulfs that I had there for that of a male with guns was a challenge of marketing more difficult than opening a McDonald’s in a vegan commune.

The problem was the change of screen format. On TV, Willis was a "smart guy," as they say in the documentary, because it was in the foreground, but in an action movie the frames are longer and the semantics are more complex, so the character could not leave The quagmires with a sarcasm. It should convey more truth, which, for actors and politicians, always means that they should pretend more.

Something similar has happened with the new policy. There is Echenique deleting thousands of tweets, in case he drops a ministry. Among the parishioners themselves, in a short plane, one can get out of the way by making the list on Twitter, like Bruce Willis Moonlight, but to get alive from a parliamentary session of control to the Government it takes much more. Or much less.

In favor of Willis it must be said that he became an action hero without erasing the chapters of Moonlight, They are still wonderful.


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