February 25, 2021

Beijing follows in Shanghai's footsteps and will apply fines to those who do not recycle

The Beijing authorities announced today that they will follow in Shanghai's footsteps and publish a new regulation on domestic recycling that provides for fines for those who violate it, the official Xinhua news agency reported today.

The Urban Management Commission of the Chinese capital explained that its plans are to classify residential waste into kitchen waste, recyclable and dangerous, and that the fines will not be lower than those applied in Shanghai.

In the largest city in China, which introduced these measures on Monday, penalties for individuals start at 50 yuan (6.4 euros) for a first offense and 200 yuan (26 euros) for repeated offenses.

The companies, meanwhile, will be fined up to 5,000 yuan (640 euros) for not having the correct trash containers in place and up to 50,000 yuan (6,400 euros) for not classifying the waste properly.

Since 2016, the Pekingese authorities have encouraged the use of recycling bins and smart garbage bins since 2016.

The use of smart devices, explains the note, has an advantage: citizens who classify their garbage may receive points to exchange for "small gifts".

According to official data, in 2018 some 9.3 tons of domestic garbage were collected in Beijing.

Two years ago, the Council of State (Executive) marked the goal of reaching 35% of recycling of domestic waste in 2020, and established a list of 46 pilot cities in which it will begin to make mandatory the classification of this type of waste .

Shanghai, with 26 million inhabitants, began this Monday to notify those individuals or companies that violated the new rules of recycling, and on its first day issued a total of 623 notices in this regard.

In the commercial capital of China, the waste will be divided into recyclable dry waste (paper, glass, metal packaging …); wet (food residues, mainly); dry non-recyclable (used paper, cigarettes …), and dangerous (batteries, light bulbs …).

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