Begoña Villacís demands two audits on the investigated contracts

Begoña Villacís demands two audits on the investigated contracts

Mayor and deputy mayor have not appeared together, as usual, this Thursday after the meeting of the Madrid municipal government board. In the midst of a crisis over the investigation of millionaire commissions from three contracts of the City Council of March 2020 for sanitary material, Begoña Villacís has announced that she will not break the pact she has with the PP in the consistory but that she will require up to two audits on the contracts processed by the emergency route in the worst of the pandemic in 2020 .

A judge opens an investigation into the millionaire commissions of the contracts of the Madrid City Council

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“It is usual that when we leave Cibeles we appear together, but with the events of the last few hours it seemed to me that it was a bit dishonest, it made no sense”, Villacís said as soon as he entered the Villa de Vallecas Board room. "The logical thing is that we appear separately today, it is very important that the city council stays out of all the news that is being given and preserve the institution", he added before speaking of the investigation that is already in the hands of a court From the capital.

The deputy mayor for Citizens has announced that her party will demand a double audit of the contracts investigated and the rest of the contracts awarded in the worst of the pandemic for this urgent procedure. First, an "external" audit, so that it is a third party who audits since it is clear that the controls have failed, she has said. Then they will demand a second audit from the Chamber of Accounts.

Begoña Villacís, likewise, has ruled out breaking the pact that allows Ciudadanos to govern the Spanish capital together with the Popular Party. “I have no reason not to believe him”, he has said about the explanations that his partner had given a few minutes before in the same room. "I think Ciudadanos is behaving decently," he added.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has denounced two businessmen, Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, for charging 6 million dollars in commissions from two emergency contracts to bring masks and antibody tests to Madrid at the end of March 2020, in the worst of the first wave. this same thursday court 47 of Madrid has announced the admission to processing of the complaint, the imputation of both and the offer to the consistory of actions to exercise the accusation.

“We have seen how there have been people who, when the people of Madrid were having the worst time, have taken advantage of the desperation of an administration and the money that the people of Madrid are paying through taxes and that costs a lot to pay has gone to luxury yachts, watches from luxury, luxury homes, luxury weekends, very expensive cars, and that is indecent and intolerable”, said the deputy mayor.

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