"Before intubating him, he said goodbye to me because he knew I was not going to hold out"

Geraldine larrosa She has gone to the burning chapel of the one who was her husband, Carlos Marin and different media from the world of the heart point out that they have seen a woman completely destroyed for the loss of the singer, with whom he had an extraordinary relationship after their separation. Almost without believing it yet, Geraldine finds the strength to speak to the media and explains how she is in these difficult times.

"I want to say thank you very much for everything you have done. My great love is gone, thirty years that I have been with him, we have always been together, these last two years we have been together and I have always said that it was a privilege"He said as soon as he got to the chapel and confessed that after confinement they were both happy to be alive:" We had survived the pandemic and in the end the pandemic took it away from me. He was the best person in the world, the greatest artist in Spain and the whole world, I just can't believe it yet ”.

Geraldine has asked for respect for the whole family and above all that his name be respected as a person and artist: “I want you to take good care of him, he has been very good to everyone, he has always helped everyone and it is a great loss. Before intubating him, he said goodbye to me because he knew I was not going to hold out and it was super sad, he called me and told me that he loved me madly and that I was the woman of his life ”.

He has confessed that his daughter is very moved by the death of her godfather and has revealed to us how she found out the bad news: “Her second father, she is very affected, the first thing she did was send her a written message, as if to say ' please, answer me ', but well that's it ”.

Finally Gerladine thanked the press for the affection shown and assured that she will continue to fight to achieve the dreams they had in common: “I thank you very much on behalf of the whole family, I will continue to fight for your dreams and for the dreams we had together. . I don't want the world to forget it. We had a very nice project ”.

Carlos Marín, baritone and music producer, died this Sunday at age 53, was the only Spanish member of the pop and opera fusion quartet Il Divo, which also includes the Swiss Urs Bühler, the French Sébastien Izambard and the American David Miller.

Marín, who had been admitted to an induced coma since December 8 at the Royal Hospital in Manchester (United Kingdom), was born in Rüsselsheim, Hesse (Germany) on October 13, 1968, although his origin and education were Spanish.

Infant prodigy, At the age of eight he recorded his first album, 'El poco Caruso', and he performed in public in Granada. He studied piano and music theory and sang with Alfredo Kraus, Montserrat Caballe and Jaume Aragall, among others.

In 1980 he began his singing career in Spain, where he participated in several musical competitions, such as Jacinto Guerrero, Francisco Alonso and Julián Gayarre, in which he finished second in 1996.

He played roles in the musical Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, Grease, The Coming Deluge or Man from La Mancha, in which he was a substitute for actor José Sacristán, and acted as a baritone in the operas La Traviata, El barbero de Sevilla, La Boheme, Lucia Di Lammermoor, Madame Butterfly, La Capricciosa Corretta and Marina.

He also acted in various zarzuelas of 'Los Veranos de los Jardines de Sabatini (Madrid)', such as La Gran Vía, La Revoltosa and La Verbena de la Paloma, and collaborated in the production of La Magia De Broadway and Peter Pan, where he was a co-producer with Alberto Quintero.

He also sang in the animated film 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' (Tim Burton) and in 2000 he lent his voice to the prince in the Spanish version of 'Cinderella', by Walt Disney.

In 2004 he created Il Divo, known for taking the hits of popular music into the lyrical field, with which he has sold more than 26 million copies of his albums worldwide, with more than 50 number one sales and 160 albums. gold and platinum in more than 33 different countries.


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